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Distance measurement
Can you calculate actual distances with RoboRealm? I know that you can calculate pixel distances, but what I am looking for is a...
12 year 2 1563
Roborealm API
Does the Roborealm API provide support for Robot C ? Thank you...
16 year 2 1564
Hi, I have a problem with a new camera I just got... the TV-IP672WI.  Since it's not listed in the available options...
11 year 2 1564
serial communoication
dear sir In my project I want to load an image from my serial port camera. I `m in great difficulty to get done my...
8 year 2 1565
Line Following sensor
Hello, I want to use some line following sensors from Robotics Connection. The datasheet was at
10 year 2 1565
Galil interface
Greetings, do you have or plan to have an interface module for Galil? I am currently interfaceing with a c...
16 year 2 1565
Is RR compatible with Raspberry Pi ??...
10 year 2 1566
Un-zoom view
Hello, I have been trying to see the camera view in great detail and used the zoom function to enlarge the pictur...
9 year 2 1566
Microsoft Lifecam Cinema - driver missing
Hi Guys... I'm trying to use a Lifecam and I've got errors installing it. I just get a blank scre...
11 year 2 1567
hello, does roborealm have a feature wherein it would keep track of all the variables that are displayed and store them in an ar...
14 year 1 1569
Roborealm wth Flir one Android camera to detect IR signatures
I want to use roborealm to aim a paintball sentry gun with a pan and tilt servo connected to an arduino.
8 year 2 1569
RR not saving
Lately we have an repeating issue that we save the RR file and the changes in the VB scripts are not saved. We are using version...
10 year 3 1569
tracking video for 2-3 colour
hi can u please tell me how can i use thefollowing program to track for reg and green simlt...
16 year 4 1570
loadProgram from Visual Basic
Hi STeven, I am trying to use Visual Basic 6 to load my Roborealm program, and using the rr.loadProgram command does not seem to...
10 year 2 1570
Dalf closed loop control
can i control dalf closed loop board with roborealm? ...
13 year 2 1571
More than one color
Hi, I'm new here I need some help, I'm working with MSRS. So I've downloaded RR application and...
16 year 3 1571
color tracking
I'm trying to use the color tracking program. I first got a request for a FTDI driver which I assumed was for the USB serial co...
15 year 2 1571
HiTechnic NXT Sensors
We're interested in using a HiTechnic Acceleration Sensor to determine if our robot is traveling uphill or downhill (and adjust...
16 year 4 1571
Running roborealm applet in Php
Hi. I have a question regarding roborealm applet. I have a wamp server and by using it i can get image in my index.html from loc...
15 year 2 1571
Multiple Running Instances
Hello STeven, I'm not able run second copy of RR on my desktop. Checkbox in Option/Application for ...
9 year 3 1571

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