RoboTurret module seems not to work.
Mooreshire from United States  [1 posts]
8 year
I can't seem to get the RoboTurret module to interact with my new RoboTurret, although the Arduino module does work with it. For example when I load the Trossen_Desktop_Movement_Tracking program linked to in the module documentation I can see the movement being tracked in the preview and I can even open the module up and see the sliders moving, but the turret doesn't move (and yes the correct com port is selected). Also, I don't see the Turret Type option (as shown in the screenshots on the module's documentation page) at all.

I've had fun making very simple programs from scratch that use the Arduino module to interface with my RoboTurret. I've also tried with little success to modify the example programs by replacing the RoboTurret module with an Arduino module, using the Scale_Variable to change from the 0-225 range those programs output to the 500-2500 range preferred by the Arduino module and setting an Arduino module up with the new scaled variables going to the appropriate pins.

Is there any chance that perhaps I've either assembled/configured my hardware wrong or that there has been some change since the programs or modules or documentation was prepared? (I also haven't had much luck with the example RoboRealm programs that are distributed for it by RobotGeek.)
Steven Gentner from United States  [1446 posts] 7 year
Sorry for the confusion. The Trossen Robot Turret module in RR


is for a much older version that was produced by TR that used an Arduino like board. Trossen Robotics has since discontinued that board and now use a more regular Arduino with that particular platform. We still keep that module as some still do use that older configuration.

What you would need to do is to load the examples in that page but then remove the Robot Turret module, replace with the regular Arduino module and type in the same variables (i.e. PAN_SERVO TILT_SERVO) into the right channel.

The regular Arduino modules unfortunately does not show that clickable interface that the Trossen module has since the Arduino module is a more generic module.

If you have trouble finding out what the right channel is, enable each and use the manual sliders to test to see what moves on the turret.


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