RoboRealm support in QNX
Cedric Demers-Roy from Canada  [1 posts]
14 year
I am wondering how RoboRealm integrates to an existing application.  We are developping a very specific software in the QNX operating system and we would like to integrate the function library of RoboReal into our software.  Is this possible?

The video signal would come from the USB converter DFG/USB2-LT converter from The Imaging Source.
Anonymous 14 year
It is possible but only if RoboRealm is running on another windows machine. The API is socket based so it will communicate across the network.

As we do not have a QNX version of RoboRealm you will not be able to run it on the same machine unless you have a Windows emulator (like Virtual PC) running on QNX ... which is probably unlikely.

If there a selection of specific modules that you would like to incorporate into your application we can discuss a custom extraction from RoboRealm and ensure that these routines would work in QNX. This would be in the form of a shared library. Naturally there is additional cost for this custom development.


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