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Full screen mode
When I change the zoom level to full screen I just get a black screen. Works fine at all other zoom levels but can...
9 year 2 1553
Anyway of incorporating Roborealm in a system so no PC is needed?
I'm looking for a portable solution so I can use Roborealm modules directly without using a computer. Is that possible?
7 year 2 1553
Installation Problem
Hello, We are trying to install the 30 day free trial on 64bit machines with Windows 7, but we are ...
11 year 2 1553
can u help us???????
can u help us our proposal is robotics,we dont know what is the first move to do...i am a student of a university.....thanks...
15 year 2 1553
interfacing roborealm
hello, I am much moved with the features of Roborealm.My project is on humanoid which runs on ROS(robot operating...
12 year 4 1553
line profile
hi, I want use line profile module. please explain me how to give coordinates values with variable. ( I don`t see option like in...
8 year 2 1553
serial communication problem
hi i am rohit ,i am trying to communicate my siemens plc with roboleam but i was unable to send or receive any data, i am using...
15 year 2 1553
Image Processing
Hi^^ I'm using TP-LINK camera model no TL-SC3171G. Is this camera is the same as D-LINK camera such...
12 year 4 1553
Sero movment rates and Query servo position
Hi there, I was sifting through some code on the forums.  I came across  this: ...
13 year 2 1553
Creating an output
I am a 2nd year University student studying Engineering. I have been tasked with designing and buil...
10 year 2 1554
Network Tables
Hi, I am trying to the Network Tables module but having issues on the receiving end. RoboRealm is s...
11 year 2 1554
Cropping and COG -  Line following
Hi there STeven, Me again :) I just wanted to point out that...
16 year 2 1555
Hi, while using RR API of by any language like VC++ or java, i am getting following error-
16 year 2 1555
openni2 module missing
I just downloaded the last update for my subscription and it is missing both Openni2 and OpenNI_kinect modules. <...
8 year 3 1555
Keeping Track of a Maximum Value
I am looping a video and trying to determine the maximum displacement of an oscillating part.  The problem I'm having...
10 year 3 1556
Problem with getting my pipe program to work
I have just created the simplest possible pipe program. I made it literally take each packet sent t...
10 year 2 1556
histogram drawing
hey is there any module with which i can plot a histogram , often we have values which we want to see pictorially, so ma...
16 year 2 1556
Distributor Client Cancel Bug
I'm using v2.50.31. In the "Distributor_Client" component, whenever the user clicks "cancel", it disconnects from the serve...
11 year 2 1556
Failed to render streams
Hello Steven, I have problem with my roborealm. it shows such error although there is no application...
7 year 2 1557
Help with VCam issues
Hello everyone a) Each time I open RR by API it tryes to use the VCam by default. Is this normal? <...
16 year 2 1557

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