Irobot - a good approach for building a robot?
Reinhold from Sweden  [5 posts]
10 year
The irobot roomba or create seems to be a great platform for building a own robot. It has plenty of sensors and a build-in basal behavior like avoiding obstacles, finding the home base etc.
Now I'm using RR for controlling a Spykee robot and a Spykee-Lego-NXT-hybrid robot (using the Spykee as a mobile webcam and the NXT as a robotic arm with sensors.
2RR: Thank you very much for your amazing software.
Now I'm considering to build a robot with irobot create or roomba with a net book mounted on it and using RR to control it.
Astonishing there are not so many using this approach.
Maybe there are some obstacles that I'm not aware of.

Can you help me with some questions?
1. Is it possible to read several sensors like battery charge, angle, distance, cliff etc simultaneously?  
2. Is a serial cable with serial2usb converter working well and quick?
3. Other concerns?
Thank you in advance.
Vince Cross from United States  [2 posts] 10 year
Take a look at the Turtlebot (http://turtlebot.com/).  The original version (Turtlebot 1) was built on an iCreate base whereas the newer version using a Kobuki base.  You could probably find the approach used for the original version on web still.  If not you could still leverage the approach of Turtlebot2 utilizing an iCreate instead.

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