Serial Module
Andy Cullen from Ireland  [3 posts]
15 year

I am using the Object Tracker software that I downloaded from the site. I am getting up values onto hyperterminal but they are all just garage, nothing that should be coming up. What I need to do is change the code so that when I move the color from side to side it will just send out a sinle letter or number on the serial port. At the moment it is still just sending the messages to the motors as it ws origionally. I need to get it working to just send out a value when the color moves.

Anonymous from United Kingdom  [99 posts] 15 year
You might just send the cogx values out to the serial module.  This would give you values between 0 and screenwidth.  You could also map this value onto the ascii character set.  Here is a quick example of this mapping in the attached file.

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