How to detect communication error?
Marcin from Poland  [1 posts]
11 year
I am using Read_HTTP module to read images from camera. Then I filter them and count blobs using Blob_Filter. The problem is that when I disconnect the camera, the Read_HTTP shows the last picture and BLOB_COUNT variable shows the last number of blobs. How can I detect a communication error between camera and RR? I tried to use IMAGE_COUNT variable, but it shows always 1 frame processed (I use "run once" routine) even if there is nothing to process because of communication failure.
Anonymous 11 year
Any ideas? We bought commercial version of RR. How can we use it in real life application if we don't know if it processes data or not?
Another question: how can we activate commercial version without access to the Internet? We want to install it on computer in industrial environment and there is no connection between field net and the Internet.
Anonymous 11 year

We've added 2 items. One is a SYSTEM_ERROR variable that will hold the error message that you would normally see as a popup (in case you are in silent/faceless mode). You can check this variable for an error after processing the frame, if anything is in it (i.e. it is not empty) then a failure has occurred.

And second, we've added a checkbox on that module that when a timeout occurs it will go black which should change any subsequent processing (i.e. blob filter will return zero).

Hopefully that helps.

To answer your second question, you have to run RR on that disconnected machine, it will then provide you with a code that you can enter in


and then enter the response of that back into the same interface. You should use a thumbdrive to first paste the code into notepad as it is quite long. Then move that to an internet connected machine and get the response code. Note that the code is specific to that machine ... so you will have to access it at least once before you can get things running. I realize that its not ideal but it is at least possible. If you run into problems with this let us know.

v2.47.5 has these changes.

Marcin from Poland  [1 posts] 11 year
Thank you for answering, SYSTEM_ERROR works.

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