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Anyway of incorporating Roborealm in a system so no PC is needed?
I'm looking for a portable solution so I can use Roborealm modules directly without using a computer. Is that possible?
7 year 2 1447
Java Controller
Hello roboreal users, I've had a vex controller for awhile now, and besides a few power issues, it...
13 year 2 1447
IP Cameras
Is it all model of IP cameras are compatible to be use with this roborealm? ...
12 year 3 1447
Blob Location
We are running a camera and phidgets 888 module. We are trying to fire a output on the phidgets based on the locat...
4 year 2 1447
Roborealm not recognizing multiple Playstation Eye cameras
Hello all, I'm trying to create a depth map with Roborealm using my two Playstation Eye cameras, b...
10 year 2 1447
Silly Question about Kinect
Silly Question.  To use the Kinect, we install the drivers for the kinect. After that we use the Kinect in RR. &n...
12 year 2 1448
Lack of Control Option for RCX
I downloaded the SDK 2 as recommended and can see the Phantom.dll file in the same directory as RoboRealm.  Wh...
16 year 2 1448
Java Variables
Hello, I will start with a small introduction, my name is Dave and I am currently working on a project at HAN Univ...
14 year 2 1448
Robo Relam Trial expired
Hi, My Robo Relam Trial period has expired . Is it possible to increase trial period....
11 year 2 1448
How to use the VPL GUI and RoboRealm?
I'm using Roborealm with MRDS. The tutorial page worked great and everything installed, but I can't find guidance/documentatio...
10 year 1 1448
openni2 module missing
I just downloaded the last update for my subscription and it is missing both Openni2 and OpenNI_kinect modules. <...
7 year 3 1448
Interfacing RoboRealm to a Canon PowerShot SX100 IS
I have a Canon PowerShot SX100 IS that I'd like to interface to RoboRealm. This camera and many o...
12 year 3 1449
Hair Counting
Hi, we need to be able to count the number of hairs on picture of a patch of skin, we would appreciate any ideas on how to appro...
12 year 4 1449
Help with the Button interface
I am looking for help on the button interface.  I am trying to control a servo position with button. &nbs...
15 year 2 1449
MakerKids Toronto Fall Robotics Program
Good afternoon, MakerKids-a makerspace for youth in Toronto just announced their fall programming f...
10 year 1 1449
software not respondig
dear sir As a robot enthusiast, ROBOREALM is a fantastic software I found. But  roborealm...
7 year 3 1450
Problems starting roborealm.exe
When i first installed roborealm it started correctly, showing the preview image, list of filters, and current robo file...
15 year 4 1450
sir,        how to make sure that my com port in mother board is working??...
14 year 2 1450
Straight Lines module behaviour
STeven, Still fiddling with RoboRealm, and getting inconsistent behaviour with the Straight Lines m...
14 year 2 1450
Full screen mode
When I change the zoom level to full screen I just get a black screen. Works fine at all other zoom levels but can...
9 year 2 1451

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