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14 year
there is someting ı can t understand about servo control with using roborealm. do ı have to use the servo control programs include in the roborealm?or can ı control my servos without these control ınterfaces?for example ı don t have a endurance pctx but ı want to control my servos without it.
Anonymous 14 year

Most servo controllers come with documentation that you can use to create your own interfaces to. RoboRealm supports many of these interfaces but is not required in order to use the device. Naturally, you first need the physical device but then you can either use RoboRealm to control them or other applications that adhere to the communication that they require. For example, most devices use Serial ... you can connect to a serial port from many applications and send the needed bits and bytes in order to get the device to work.

In the case of the endurance PCTX, you would need that device to control your servos or some other device (like the Lynxmotion SSC) to control your servos. You cannot plug your servos directly into your PC without some other helper board inbetween. If you are using an MCU then most of those have pins that can be plugged directly into the servo given the right pin signaling (which requires software on the MCU in order to run).

So while it is easy to control your servos using RoboRealm, we do NOT have exclusive access to any of the devices and thus you can always use your own software+programming to get things to work.


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