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Brandon from United States  [1 posts]
14 year
I am working on a university project where I am required to identify coins and dollar bills put under the camera. We basically were given this project with little to no prior instruction on how to use roborealm. Can anyone please help me where to get started, a show me a similiar project where roborealm was used in this manne?
Anonymous from United Kingdom  [99 posts] 14 year
Yup, something similar to the first homework in image processing I took.  We use pens instead of dollar bills, (Suppose we could have used 5 quid notes) Here is a link to the report:
Sorry the post is my first attempt at converting IEEE format to Wordpress.
I did the project in Roborealm first and then converted it to OpenCV for the purposes of the report.  Just substitute blob for contour and you should be able to follow the process described reasonably well.  You will need a bit of python script (using the appropriate module)  to do the cuts and put the labels on for you.  
Kudos to your instructor for using Roborealm!
BTW STEVEN should put up an official sample citation for Roborealm since it is being used in so many Vision / HRI projects.

good luck!


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