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Roygul from Australia  [3 posts]
11 year
The serial module wont remember by serial port. Its the only module loaded. I can select the port from the drop down. remember default is ticked, I can see data flowing, variables get set, I click ok. when I go to edit the module the serverial port field is blank.

When loading a program (Just a one line test with the serial module) port is always blank.

I have an arduino freetronics eleven and two FTDI serial ports connected to the machine. Serial Drivers are up to date. I removed all usb serial except for one . Module still cant remember setting.

What am I doing wrong :)

Roborealm version 2.44.9
Roygul from Australia  [3 posts] 11 year
Digging a little further it seems the wrking robo file that is being saved contains the following


Note I have changed the com port to 6 on this machine data bits are 8 not 7 etc etc. Is this a bug ?

I dont think its a permissions problem as it is writing the file.

Roygul from Australia  [3 posts] 11 year
Just further infor mation to this. seems the wooring file gets changed from com 6 to com1 when I start roborealm it gets a blacnk serial port assigned instead of 6 . and on exit changes the one in the working file to 1.

Anonymous 11 year

This should be fixed in 2.44.10.

Thanks for the note!


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