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Hello, I've been working with the BoeBot for some time and would be interested in the wireless camera mod. I've read about the BoeBot, eb500, roborealm setup and have set up all but the camera Roborealm portion. Before I purchase the Roborealm, can you suggest some wireless cameras to use and where I might find more specific info.
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As you expect that question has been asked quite frequently. While some of the results are a bit old you can do a search on the forum for wireless and see quite a few choices.


This is really between NTSC and IP based. NTSC are typically a bit cheaper, are much smaller (ideal for BoeBot)  but suffer from noise. The IP versions have better quality, are a bit more expensive (typically), require more physical space, more power and can send video a bit delayed from reality (~1 to 2 seconds). So it will really depend on your application as to what is the most important factor.

Regardless, a lot more on this topic already in the forum.

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thanks st. I'm just beginning....alot to learn!

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