Network Tables and Smart Dashboard not working
11 year
We saw Steven Gentner's post on getting smart dashboard working, but his program did not output anything. What do we need to do to:
1) Send RoboRealm information to Smart Dashboard
2) Send the information to the cRIO using Network Tables
Anonymous 11 year
Here is the thread; the advice we followed was posted by STeven.

"If you run the attached, with the CRio running a default app and the Smartdashboard running you should see the SmartDashboard pop a text box called IMAGE_COUNT with a number changing. This will be the same variable within RoboRealm that is counting the number of frames the webcam is seeing."

This is where we are falling short: the IMAGE_COUNT value does not appear on SmartDashboard, even though the connectivity light is green.
Anonymous 11 year
The problem appeared to solve itself through restarting the computer.

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