Basler USB3 camera setup
2 year
I am struggling to setup Basler ACA2440-35UC camera with roborealm. Any help?
Steven Gentner from United States  [273 posts] 2 year
You have two options:

DirectX - check if you can download the DirectX (DirectInput) drivers for the camera that supports USB3 on the Basler website. Once these drivers are installed it will allow the camera to be accessible by most windows applications that have a DirectInput interface (including RR). You should then be able to press the Camera button in the main RR interface and select your Basler camera using the Options tab / Video tab / Camera dropdown. Note, in many early implementations these drivers can be a bit unstable so be weary when using this interface.

A second option is to use the Genicam module.


which will require downloading the genicam drivers (see documentation page for links). This module utilizes the genicam protocol to communicate directly with the camera which can result in a quicker interface than the directX interface above (less layers to communicate through). However, not all cameras support all aspects of the genicam interface so its best to test this interface with the Genicam module before assuming the interface is stable and works.

Please post here if you run into issues with either of these solutions.

Amardeep Babrah from United Kingdom  [6 posts] 2 year
Here are the steps I used to fix my issue:

Install Basler Pylon Software Suite,
During Setup you will have 3 options: Camera User, Developer & Custom.
Select Custom and press Next
In feature list make sure Direct show is selected.
Now you can complete installation.
Lastly restart PC/Laptop.

Basler camera will be visible in Roborealm list.

Thanks Steven for prompt response.

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