RR crashes constantly
Paul from United States  [1 posts]
14 year
RR constantly crashes when I press the "New" button for a new program. It does this regardless if I have a program running or not, or if the camera is on or off. I've included the simple robo program I had loaded, as well as the appcompat.txt file created with the application error.

RR also crashes occasionally when I am using the Image Match function. I've looked on the forum, but cannot see any complaints of RR crashing this often. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks, Paul.
Paul from United States  [1 posts] 14 year
Here are the attachments again. I had to zip the txt file in order for it to upload. Thanks again for your help.
Anonymous 14 year

Thanks for those two files. Can we ask for the images that were being trained on and the sample image that you were using to try to test the match? Most likely the error is being caused by the training images. Perhaps something to do with the size or file format. Having those images should allow us to replicate this issue.


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