Parallel process
15 year

I've got more experience on vvvv toolkit (pixel shader...). This kind of request is easily done with vvvv. But I'm impressed by the list of process natively available with RoboRealm.

I would like to have two parallel process in a same instance of roborealm.
Is it possible? Like this picture:


Anonymous 15 year

While RoboRealm does not inherently have a parallel process that you can configure it does use parallel processing depending on what module you are using. We'd need a more specific case scenario would you would like to parallelize part of the processing. In most cases you can make a current copy of the image (using the Marker module) and save that image to be processed later. Thus in your case of your diagram above you would process the image in one fashion, use a marker to save it and restore the source, and then process the image in the second way to finally continue on.

Or are you hoping to use more than 1 CPU to speed up the processing? Or intend to use a separate pipeline on different cameras?


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