Help on Roborealm and C#
Midhun Sreekumar Menon from India  [2 posts]
16 year
Iam entirely new to RR. I tried interfacing RR with C# via RR_COM_API.DLL. I have been successful. But this is using the preconfigured DLL with 6060 port. When I modify the API server port and try to compile the library dll output in C# i get no errors. Following this, when I reference it in my program, it shows an error that the function cannot be accessed due to it's protection level.
      FYI, I have compiled the program.cs which you gave in the C# folder of API.
Anonymous 16 year

You probably only need to use one of those techniques. The C++ RR_COM_API.DLL should work in the .net environment but is compiled using C++. For C# environments I'd recommend just using the program.cs and ignore the dll. The program.cs includes most of the code in the c++ dll and works easier in C# since you actually have the source readily available.

When you compile the C# program.cs in your code what line do you get the protection level fault?? Are you able to compile and run the program.cs by itself?

I assume you are changing the line

public const int SERVER_PORTNUM = 6060;

and attempting to recompile. Is that correct?

Just be sure you either use the program.cs OR the C++ dll ... not both.


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