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Predicting latency [2]
Brian, If you insert the Watch_Variables module you will see additional variables that mention the ...
1 year 2 807
2d decode [2]
Pete, Thanks for the image. The decoding of the matrix required switching between different decodin...
3 years 2 901
blob detection [2]
Something like the following? Note, 1 image doesn't do it .. the robofile below will work for this...
3 years 2 1014
Convert image of a curve into series of X,Y coordinates [2]
Attached is one way to do this. The trick is to break it into two analysis and use the color filter to focus either on the blue ...
1 year 2 493
Datamatrix [2]
Did you try the barcode module? I don't see any question in your post. STeven....
2 years 2 788
Roborealm causing Windows Explorer to lock up [2]
Sam, We've not had any reports similar to this since your post. If this is something that is still ...
1 year 2 398
Keyboard Shortcuts [2]
Jeremy, We updated those keystrokes to use F2, F3 and F4 for the 3 tabs (F1 goes to help) as we ran...
2 years 2 538
Interfacing via VS-2012 [2]
Dave, can you confirm if you are compiling the examples for 32 bit or 64 bit? A 32 bit app cannot l...
3 years 2 648
hardware needed [2]
It should just function fine on a regular PC unless you have a large video image (> 640x480). See
2 years 2 608
Net Framework Data Provider [2]
Lev, That module uses the SQLDriverConnect Function provided by Microsoft documented at
1 year 2 314
Roborealm wth Flir one Android camera to detect IR signatures [2]
Mark, If you can get the FLIR image into a PC, then yes, it is possible to do. A FLIR image is esse...
2 years 2 518
Setup OpenCV with Windows DLL [2]
Andrei, That will depend on the compiler that you are using. In visual studio, simply dragging the ...
3 years 2 884
Windows 10 Compatibility [2]
Yes, it should run just fine on Win8 and Win10. STeven....
2 years 2 785
Bluetooth Connection (w/ LegoNXT) Error [2]
You are probably getting interruptions with your bluetooth signal. Check the batteries of the NXT since connections start to fai...
3 years 2 964
Center of Gravity font install error [2]
Bob, Go ahead and download the latest version which has a fix for this and the newer vc2010 redistr...
2 years 2 425
Trial period expired [2]
Ping, We just updated the download with a solution to this problem. Can you download it once again,...
3 years 2 651
Multiple COG coordinates [2]
Actually it doesn't ... unless the other circles are more of the color just selected. That's why the GUI uses checkboxes as ap...
3 years 2 620
Analog input [2]
Kevin, I'm not sure what the issue might be with the image recognition ... if you can include that...
4 years 2 916
Egg counting [2]
Turgut, While its not too difficult to count the eggs in a single image, on a moving conveyor that ...
1 year 2 356
serial communoication [2]
Hi, You will not be able to user the serial module to grab that much information ... or at least no...
2 years 2 473

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