Quality Control
Niel from South Africa  [1 posts]
6 year
Can you use the software to perform quality control checks on an object that involves identifying the object shape, checking for light passing through the object within the shape area, and then sending a digital output signal from your pc. I would appreciate advice on the relevant software modules and hardware components required for digital output signals from your pc via the Roborealm software.
Steven Gentner from United States  [1446 posts] 6 year

Yes, you can certainly use the software for that. As its a toolbag of different techniques called modules its tough to say which ones need to be used without having an example image. Can you post an example image of what you are describing? In terms of output, there are many ways to get the signal out of the PC. The actual module used would depend on what you are talking with. For example if you just need to activate a relay of some sort then using a Phidgets or Advantech module can be used. If you need something more custom one can even use an Arduino for that sort of communication. Or you may just need the serial module to communicate directly to a PLC device.

It really depends on what image you are working on and which device you want the end result to go to.


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