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FRC SmartDashboard Problem [2]
James, What url are you giving the SmartDashboard? Just the basic ...
9 months 2 354
x, y coordinates for object recognition [2]
Read the documentation at ...
3 years 2 821
2d decode [2]
Pete, Thanks for the image. The decoding of the matrix required switching between different decodin...
3 years 2 927
blob detection [2]
Something like the following? Note, 1 image doesn't do it .. the robofile below will work for this...
3 years 2 1042
Edge Detection for laser trimming [3]
Michael, You must be a cat person? Yes, something along those lines ca...
4 years 2 649
Robot Localization !!! [2]
I'm not sure that you really want what you are asking for ... but see the attached robofile. That will define robot_x, robot_y,...
4 years 2 1005
How to add a red tinge to an image [2]
Sure, see attached using the Color_Balance module. You can toggle the run button to see the difference.
3 years 2 852
Movement Strobe use [2]
Josh, Not sure if you included a robofile or not but it seems to be missing in the post.
7 months 2 208
temperature sensor [2]
James, That will normally just require a small formula to do. Most likely the manufacturer of the s...
3 years 2 869
Speak Listbox Index [3]
Ulli, This has just been fixed. It was caused by an automatic sorting of the names as they were ent...
5 years 2 691
Interfacing via VS-2012 [2]
Dave, can you confirm if you are compiling the examples for 32 bit or 64 bit? A 32 bit app cannot l...
3 years 2 652
Actuators [2]
Eric, As RoboRealm runs on a PC you will most likely need something inbetween the PC and the final ...
2 years 2 577
RR Webserver and Android [3]
Ulli, One thing you can try is to avoid using Java for FF or Chrome which support MJpeg streams nat...
5 years 2 825
displaying variables [2]
Roland, Those GUI lists were set to auto sort. This has been removed so the order you specify shoul...
4 years 2 911
camera problem [3]
Sanesh, You probably want to use the Marker module to save the current image (for later reference) ...
5 years 2 1222
Microcontroller type [2]
Mohammad, You probably want to use a machine with a bit more power than the DMP RoBoard. While is a...
4 years 2 616
installable versions [2]
Albert, 1. You can always get previous versions by appending &v=2.70.0...
2 years 2 622
3D measurement [2]
Richard, While this is possible (we have worked on similar size measuring projects, its not easy. T...
3 months 2 132
Setup OpenCV with Windows DLL [2]
Andrei, That will depend on the compiler that you are using. In visual studio, simply dragging the ...
3 years 2 894
floor detect [3]
You will need to point the camera more down to the floor. As your floor and walls are very similar in color, you will have to re...
4 years 2 958

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