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RR unable to write files [2]
Marco, Most definately a permissions issue. Its possible that the permissions allow for creation bu...
7 years 2 1574
Laser line module [2]
Use the Rotate module to rotate the image by 90 degrees before the laser line module. STeven....
6 years 2 1843
scale servo arduino object tracking [2]
Pablo, If I'm not mistake I would expect the servo values to range from 500 to 2500? If so, the act...
5 years 2 1245
roomba + openwrt [2]
It does now (just released). See ...
7 years 2 1478
FPS drops with multiple cameras housed within if tests modules [2]
Vince, While the IF statements will prevent an image from being used, it doesn't prevent the separ...
6 years 2 1024
Multiple CPUs and Write Images [2]
Alistair, Using multiple CPU's isn't going to help much in your case. The way that works is to use ...
2 years 2 559
application demo for RoboRealm DLL library [2]
First link on http://www.roborealm...
5 years 2 1255
Display Text Module [2]
Nemanya, The variable selection was built to deal correctly with arrays ... but this has been updat...
7 years 2 1457
Display object recognition values as integers [2]
This will depend on how you have specified things in the serial module. Most likely the number is being transmitted as a 4 byte ...
2 years 2 782
set intensity of Kinect-IR-Projector [3]
Liu, If you are seeing the Kinect and have installed the libusb drivers that option will be enabled...
7 years 2 2546
Load_Image from network drive [2]
You will probably need to update to the most recent version. I've just tested the load image (and multiple load from a folder) ...
6 years 2 1712
camera recommended for colour based object tracking robot [2]
Rose, For that inexpensive price, you are probably looking at a TP-Link WR703N router ($25) with an...
7 years 2 961
Face detection and greyscale video [2]
John, The face_detection module works with gray images. Even with a color image it will convert it ...
5 years 2 1557
servo control [2]
There are a couple of reasons this might be happening. One is that not enough power is provided to the servo or servo controller...
2 years 2 987
Write variables [2]
Daan, This is certainly possible. If you use the Geometric Statistics module that will create an ar...
7 years 2 1700
BREATH variable [2]
Nemanya, The BREATH variable was not being created as an array. This has been fixed in the most rec...
6 years 2 1578
rr.SetCOMType(1) [2]
Bob, when switching to the DLL you will NOT see any communication in the RoboRealm app anymore. The...
2 years 2 663
TRansfered sequence to mini-maestro 24 [2]
This might be a better question for Pololu but have you tried experimenting with the Serial Script Commands seen in
4 years 2 832
Select Excel Raneg and Perform Formatting functions [3]
I think you may have posted in the wrong website ... perhaps posting something on the MSDN site is a better way to go.
7 years 2 945
Working with multiple tabs [2]
Please check ht...
3 years 2 1118

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