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Can RR run steper motor ? [2]
Sam, It might be possible but it will really depend on what hardware you have and how the communica...
5 years 2 642
camera choice [2]
Roland, Yes, the auto-focus can be disabled and manually set. We've used this camera and the next r...
4 years 2 738
Gige Cameras [2]
We are currently investigating the costs associated with adding in the Gige standard as a module into RoboRealm. Unfortunately t...
5 years 2 652
Monito, If there is any chance we could look at the VB app you wrote, we can probably create a modu...
5 years 2 610
VBScript to Serial Port Communication [2]
John, Not directly from the VBScript ... what you do is setup the appropriate variables in VBScript...
5 years 2 1933
Origin and edges [2]
Roland, Agreed! Unfortunately the Color Sample module should have been named Color Probe since that...
4 years 2 954
how to increment/decrement a variable? [2]
Try varName = [varName+1] Expressions are contained within [ and ]
5 years 2 1155
TCP socket not receiving all the data [2]
Bryan, There is a little discrepancy between what the console shows and what is actually being read...
3 years 2 602
Bug with double if creation [2]
Thanks for the note. This has been fixed and uploaded in v 2.67.34 STeven....
4 years 2 896
counting screws [2]
There are many ways ... perhaps you can be more specific. For example see the attached. STeven....
5 years 2 1165
Follow specific blob, delete all other distoritions [2]
Can you post a couple images or perhaps a video? Also if you can include your current robofile that...
5 years 2 584
Calculating distance between two blob COGs (with picture) [2]
Color is an obvious test ... see attached. STeven.
4 years 2 716
Hough Transform - Angles [2]
Thanks for your notes. There were a couple issues that we resolved with the latest version (just uploaded). Can you download tha...
5 years 2 942
Multiple camera Processing [2]
You can use the marker module or Camera Properties module to switch the image to another camera. In your case, this would break ...
3 years 2 1087
HELP - how to detect and draw lines in RoboRealm [2]
Tomaz, Thanks for the images. Unfortunately, we can't come up with anything off the top of our hea...
5 years 2 1274
Write_Variables, changing Filename [2]
Yea, that's expected, it has to do with the Write Variables module not having a 'start' button so the module will run as you ...
5 years 2 1027
GetVariable("BLOB_COUNT") returns null [2]
Stephen, because null is essentially the same thing as zero you could also check how many blobs are...
3 years 2 1173
Edge Detection for laser trimming [3]
Michael, You must be a cat person? Yes, something along those lines ca...
5 years 2 666
If statement [2]
Grant, Yes, there are many ways to do this but it depends on what you mean by "output". There are m...
1 year 2 283
hardware lab [2]
See the Serial module. You can also search the forum for other examples. ...
3 years 2 972

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