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RR unable to write files [2]
Marco, Most definately a permissions issue. Its possible that the permissions allow for creation bu...
6 years 2 1305
Array Declaration Error [2]
Try using ReDim myArray(29) instead. It has to do with the way the mod...
6 years 2 1341
AmScope mu1000 camera [2]
Typically if you don't already see the camera on the list in Options->Video tab after installing the drivers you'll need to...
6 years 2 1079
Roborealm+Raspberrypi+MJpg_video_streaming [2]
Tomytha, Not sure exactly why you tried ser2Net as that has more to do with command control rather ...
5 years 2 1198
Interfacing Photon FASTCAM [2]
Those are nice cameras! Do you know what they transmit over the network? Perhaps the HTTP_READ module will work if you happen to...
6 years 2 846
Sending data from roborealm to arduino? [2]
Quick clarification, what's the overall goal of this? Meaning, if you are communicating to an Arduino you can run more than one...
5 years 2 1458
Raspberry pi or linux [2]
Edwin, Not quite, we've testing out the Raspberry PI and while very impressive for the price, its ...
6 years 2 958
Dir. & Step. Pin # [2]
Sam, We made an update to fix the 1 versus 0 issue that you identified earlier.
6 years 2 1431
Email Module MAPI [2]
James, We think we found the issue. If you had specified an attachment, the temporary file was not ...
5 years 2 1418
USB3 [2]
That depends on the camera manufacturer. When you say "webcam" you are talking either about a WFV or DirectX access into the c...
6 years 2 861
saving versus opening [2]
Roland, In v.2.56.9 both of these interfaces have been consolidated to show both image files and ro...
6 years 2 797
3D Viewer [3]
Not sure about that particular camera. Many of the less expensive stereo cameras are not very well calibrated for stereo analysi...
6 years 2 1461
Joystick control of a relay [3]
John, See the attached. STeven. ...
6 years 2 1644
color recognition [3]
Jonathan, This can be done in two parts, color detection and then transmission through the serial p...
6 years 2 1349
roborealm and arduino [2]
Can you post the control code that you tried which worked and the robofile that you currently had loaded into RR? We can then co...
4 years 2 1357
Camera Bug [2]
Luke, are you using the DirectInput connection built into Windows or are you using the Genicam modu...
1 year 2 771
Vb script to determine ball in region [2]
James, A couple of If_Statements checking the COG of the object should do it. Note, the specific qu...
3 years 2 851
Getting a boolean variable for target identification [3]
Toyalima, It partly depends on how you are detecting the target and what variables would get set or...
6 years 2 907
REgarding camera resoltuion [2]
Hemant, You don't have any couple choices until you can move the camera backwards to get more in th...
3 years 2 827
Powe Down [2]
Steven, I assume you mean that the working file that it occasionally saves during execution gets co...
1 year 2 482

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