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control robot with static camera [2]
Masood, If you have not already have a look at ...
4 years 2 710
using weights [2]
You would adjust the threshold values in each attribute to eliminate those blobs that are not needed. If you include what you ha...
5 years 2 1161
Anyway of incorporating Roborealm in a system so no PC is needed? [2]
Pedro, You will need a PC somewhere in the equation in order to run RR ... what you can do is to us...
2 years 2 423
EZRobot_Variables [2]
Justin, Glad we could help! The idea was that you could use Set_Variab...
4 years 2 656
Multiple Measurements [2]
Alan, Yes, this is a common use of the application. In your case, the first module will align the i...
2 years 2 881
Display Text Module [2]
Nemanya, The variable selection was built to deal correctly with arrays ... but this has been updat...
5 years 2 1025
Load_Image from network drive [2]
You will probably need to update to the most recent version. I've just tested the load image (and multiple load from a folder) ...
4 years 2 1195
camera recommended for colour based object tracking robot [2]
Rose, For that inexpensive price, you are probably looking at a TP-Link WR703N router ($25) with an...
5 years 2 667
Origin and edges [2]
Roland, Agreed! Unfortunately the Color Sample module should have been named Color Probe since that...
4 years 2 1156
Gige Cameras [2]
We are currently investigating the costs associated with adding in the Gige standard as a module into RoboRealm. Unfortunately t...
5 years 2 695
TCP socket not receiving all the data [2]
Bryan, There is a little discrepancy between what the console shows and what is actually being read...
3 years 2 665
Bug with double if creation [2]
Thanks for the note. This has been fixed and uploaded in v 2.67.34 STeven....
4 years 2 963
Monito, If there is any chance we could look at the VB app you wrote, we can probably create a modu...
5 years 2 644
VBScript to Serial Port Communication [2]
John, Not directly from the VBScript ... what you do is setup the appropriate variables in VBScript...
5 years 2 2036
Calculating distance between two blob COGs (with picture) [2]
Color is an obvious test ... see attached. STeven.
4 years 2 764
dought [3]
You can use the Marker module to save the current image and switch to anoter camera. Or you can also use the Mosaic to combine t...
6 years 2 675
Multiple camera Processing [2]
You can use the marker module or Camera Properties module to switch the image to another camera. In your case, this would break ...
3 years 2 1192
how to increment/decrement a variable? [2]
Try varName = [varName+1] Expressions are contained within [ and ]
5 years 2 1210
Vex and Roborealm [3]
Jt, What you are asking for is an involved process that is very difficult to do over email. As a be...
6 years 2 823
counting screws [2]
There are many ways ... perhaps you can be more specific. For example see the attached. STeven....
5 years 2 1235

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