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Axis Camera FPS [3]
Probably a bit late for this years finals, but we've added in 66ms delay for next year in the latest version.
5 years 2 1313
Matching Confidence Level [2]
Frank, I assume these are metallic pieces? It seems like the image you included is reflecting the l...
2 years 2 403
OCR, 1D and 2D codes [2]
Pat, The best way to verify this is to use the Trial version and the Barcode module. It has all the...
1 year 2 146
auto avi recording [3]
Syfy. See the attached. Its just a matter of setting a variable using the buttons and selecting tha...
5 years 2 1104
I need help [3]
I'm not sure what you are having issues with. If you did all the programs in the books you should have made the robot go back a...
5 years 2 1041
hardware lab [2]
See the Serial module. You can also search the forum for other examples. ...
3 years 2 872
when robofile is reopened... [3]
David, Make sure that there isn't another RR lurking in the background that is still running. When...
5 years 2 972
RoboteQ module [2]
Darrell, No, I doubt we will hear from them. In the meantime, what basic functionality are you look...
5 years 2 1199
Distance and Angle Measurements [2]
Larry, In order to measure distance from the camera you would either need to know the physical obje...
2 years 2 936
Waypoint Question and Feature Request [3]
Jon, The format would be more like ReDim points (4)
5 years 2 1306
Robot Localization !!! [2]
I'm not sure that you really want what you are asking for ... but see the attached robofile. That will define robot_x, robot_y,...
5 years 2 1026
Laser 3D scanner for crop using RR [2]
Aman, In theory you are correct. Using a visible line laser and a camera at a different angle than ...
2 years 2 845
Using variables in Colorize module [2]
Yes, just enter in something like [my_variable] into that field and s...
3 years 2 716
Academic License Purchasing [3]
Zati, Yes, we can. Please use our contact form and send us your email, name and physical address. W...
5 years 2 691
FRC unused licenses mess [2]
Yes, proceed to ...
2 years 2 517
Server processing of images [2]
Paul, This is possible but a lot of it will depend on what platform your clients would use to submi...
1 year 2 259
Using RoboRealm through LabVIEW [2]
Jyothish, Yes it is. Please see the API example for the LabView folder downloadable from
1 year 2 301
displaying variables [2]
Roland, Those GUI lists were set to auto sort. This has been removed so the order you specify shoul...
5 years 2 928
Object Avoidance [3]
Eric, Check out ...
6 years 2 1294
RoboTurret module seems not to work. [2]
Sorry for the confusion. The Trossen Robot Turret module in RR ...
2 years 2 328

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