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Cuda, multicore and 64bit support? [2]
Thanks for your suggestions. RR already does support multiple CPUs in many of the more taxing modules (OCR, Stereo, Object Recog...
5 years 2 710
Blobs: Perimeter/area and blob size [2]
Charles, Yes, that does appear to work. We added that to the Blob  Filter and it seems to...
5 years 2 1591
Remembering USB Camera [2]
Yes, that's one of the reasons the module exists. It will send the required settings to the camera when rerun to ensure the came...
3 years 2 925
Distributor_Client not syncing joystick values [2]
John, Thanks for the video. The issue was that values from one of the variables was being partially...
5 years 2 920
Calculate angle [2]
Yes, using one of the programming modules SetVariable "angle", (270 + GetVariable("angle")) mo...
5 years 2 1520
OSC from script [2]
Foo, You can't send it directly from the VBScript module but you can create a variable that either ...
3 years 2 947
Test Module [2]
Thomas, Thanks for mentioning that. We've added a 'test button' selection in the list to allow for ...
4 years 2 995
Integration of RoboRealm DLL library [2]
1. Get that running in the GUI app first. 2. Save to something.robo 3....
4 years 2 841
Differential Module to Servos [2]
I'm assuming this is a duplicate post for ...
4 years 2 1130
Failed to render streams [2]
In case others have the same issue ... the error is generated by the underlying DirectX Windows environment. What it basically m...
3 years 2 520
Communicating  the presence of a blob to Arduino [2]
Zehan, Attached is a robofile that should help you along the way. The trick is to eliminate any goo...
3 years 2 886
Crash Reporting on Each Startup [2]
John, What most likely is happening is that the crash file cannot be deleted under the current perm...
5 years 2 911
completed save and open a vbScript is not possible [2]
1. Are you pressing OK in the VBScript module before exiting RR? 2. How long is your VBScript?
3 years 2 714
DVR plugin not found [2]
Nimal, We've started distributing the DVR plugin separately from RoboRealm. Please recheck that doc...
4 years 2 1403
Button toggle groups [2]
Paul, There was an issue with un-toggling buttons in the same group correctly. This has been fixed ...
5 years 2 1191
Rectangular DataMatrix barcode [2]
Added to the most recent version. In terms of cameras, for barcodes you are probably best of with a...
3 years 2 864
RoboGeek Demo tracking program with Roborealm [2]
Thinkbig, The above VBScript is written with the 500 to 2500 value range in mind. Typically this is...
3 years 2 772
missing .dll [2]
Jon, I assume you were trying to use the RTSP_Player module? We've corrected that download. For 64 ...
3 years 2 738
Image overlap [2]
Dexter, Its certainly possible to do ... we've actually done something similar (comparing pages fr...
6 years 2 1372
connect to modbus [2]
Only modbus for now. Can you use Devicenet to connect to a Fanuc robot? What board would you need to plug into a PC to enable th...
4 years 2 834

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