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How to create program file (.exe) fram .robo file [2]
Saiful, RoboRealm cannot produce a .exe file given a robofile ... that's just not functionality tha...
4 years 2 983
Detection of motion [2]
Play around with the Movement module: ...
1 year 2 407
Network Tables [3]
Matt, If you've not already update RR to the latest version as a lot of NT change were made in the...
5 years 2 634
Suitability question [2]
Allan, Yes, that is possible. There are various ways to accomplish this depending on what tolerance...
3 years 2 604
Bus/Coach detection (al same colour) [2]
Paul, Its certainly possible ... couple things to think about: 1. If y...
5 years 2 1174
blob tracking [2]
Daniela, We'll need to see a couple images to better understand the issues. Can you post some here...
5 years 2 650
Purchase licence [2]
Patrick, The license is attached to a specific download link. Like when you request a trial, you ar...
5 years 2 634
set intensity of Kinect-IR-Projector [3]
Liu, If you are seeing the Kinect and have installed the libusb drivers that option will be enabled...
5 years 2 2023
Sending Variables from Roborealm to Labview Using NetworkTables [2]
Jake, first make sure that you have all the most recent updates on both RR and the Network tables. ...
5 years 2 785
Select Excel Raneg and Perform Formatting functions [3]
I think you may have posted in the wrong website ... perhaps posting something on the MSDN site is a better way to go.
5 years 2 644
serial defaults [2]
Roland, The default values for the serial module are somewhat vacant as the Settings fields will be...
3 years 2 1184
Request to increase VCam limit to 8 [2]
Extending this feature is not on our short term roadmap.  Windows 10 has the VCam feature built in, so that may help.&...
3 months 2 140
RoboteQ module [2]
Darrell, No, I doubt we will hear from them. In the meantime, what basic functionality are you look...
5 years 2 1363
tracking ball- outputing positional data [3]
Lots of ways to do that. I'd start with the Write Variables module and see if that works for you. ...
5 years 2 1457
High Quality Camera Without Flicker [3]
Maize, For higher frame rates than that you may have to look at machine vision cameras such as thos...
5 years 2 692
Communication [2]
Bill, The best way is to use the Sparkfun_Arduino module. You will find the Sketch that you need to...
3 years 2 1182
Robot Localization !!! [2]
I'm not sure that you really want what you are asking for ... but see the attached robofile. That will define robot_x, robot_y,...
5 years 2 1163
Blob filter explanation [2]
Some of the filter will allow for more than one object to be worked on. See the Overlaps, Furthest, Nearest and Join which use o...
4 years 2 1209
Watchdog for Roborealm [2]
Jaheer, It depends mainly on the hardware. If there are error messages that come back then the modu...
2 years 2 530
VBscript error [2]
We used to have this issue in older Windows systems that did not have the VBScript component downloaded. You can try to download...
2 years 2 527

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