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do i have to put codes ...? [2]
Sam, I assume by cods you mean codes which you actually mean a form of programming languge? If that...
6 years 2 724
kiosk mode in trial period [2]
Jarno, Unfortunately the kiosk mode is not available in the trial version. The idea of this mode is...
2 years 2 532
Commenting [2]
Roland, The addition of the tabs caused a problem with this. Its fixed in the latest version.
6 years 2 772
Recognition of B/W Laserscan Targets [2]
You could do crossing lines ... or just find the COG since that will reflect the same position but take into account all pixels ...
2 years 2 652
How to read an integer array using Modbus? [2]
Marcio, Arrays are not directly supported but can be emulated in a way to get the information out. ...
2 years 2 602
Dino-Lite not starting [2]
Jack, I'm not sure what that message means. It would be caused by a lack of memory. Perhaps you can...
4 years 2 728
Bug in multiline cut and if statement [2]
We noticed this too and added a fix. Things are still not quite right if you cut/copy half an if_statement (i.e. don't include i...
5 years 2 1223
multiple tabs [2]
CubaMadre, This has been fixed in the latest version. 2.56.15 Thanks! ...
6 years 2 769
Calculating distance between two blob COGs [2]
Yes, in most modules you can use COG_X:0 COG_X:1 COG_X:2 ...
5 years 2 877
Md49 integration and linux [2]
Zippo, As mentioned via email, a test MD49 controller is now present and worth testing. Also for th...
6 years 2 2001
Regarding Vcam [2]
You do this indirectly. First by getting the RTSP module to capture the right image. Once you see the image in the main RR GUI y...
2 years 2 544
Change in behavior of Marker [2]
Rud, The behavior was more undefined than a bug. For that capability, I'd recommend using the Resi...
6 years 2 802
communication between labview and roborealm [2]
Domingo, Unfortunately since there isn't an explicit way to get raw binary data in XML the above re...
2 years 2 841
External camera feed [2]
Pete, I think you are on the right track. The HTTP_read would not show the USB Microsoft camera sin...
4 years 2 1228
output in shape matchinh [2]
Francesco, There are a *lot* of ways to get information out from RR. Its a good idea to review som...
2 years 2 669
Change in behavior of Marker [2]
Rud, This was more an undefined result rather than a bug. I'd use the Resize_Canvas module to crea...
6 years 2 1414
Call Tab Module [2]
Nate, I don't see anything in your code that would change the active_tab variable to anything but C...
1 year 2 207
kinect color proportional to depth [3]
Oscar, So what you are asking for is for the RGB pixels to be overlaid ontop of the depth informati...
7 years 2 2406
v 2.80.50 [2]
Frederick, Please have a look at ...
3 years 2 548
control robot with static camera [2]
Masood, If you have not already have a look at ...
5 years 2 878

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