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Monito, If there is any chance we could look at the VB app you wrote, we can probably create a modu...
6 years 2 746
VBScript to Serial Port Communication [2]
John, Not directly from the VBScript ... what you do is setup the appropriate variables in VBScript...
6 years 2 2620
Modbus master communication [3]
Hi, There aren't any plans to create a modbus master version ... unless we find that there is enou...
6 years 2 1457
Obstacle Avoidance Laser System [3]
Cherault, Its easier if there is an image that can be used as an example. What you want to do is to...
6 years 2 1787
FRC Nettables [2]
Sandy, There can be many possibilities with network that cause this. Its possible that a firewall o...
3 years 2 1252
how to increment/decrement a variable? [2]
Try varName = [varName+1] Expressions are contained within [ and ]
6 years 2 1438
counting screws [2]
There are many ways ... perhaps you can be more specific. For example see the attached. STeven....
6 years 2 1417
Follow specific blob, delete all other distoritions [2]
Can you post a couple images or perhaps a video? Also if you can include your current robofile that...
6 years 2 733
X, Y List variable [2]
Lev, The X,Y list should be coordinates of a grid/checkboard that you have already processed in som...
3 years 2 1001
Hough Transform - Angles [2]
Thanks for your notes. There were a couple issues that we resolved with the latest version (just uploaded). Can you download tha...
6 years 2 1152
FRC lisense not allowing access to download update [3]
Michael, Its possible that one of you other team members may have reregistered under that coupon an...
6 years 2 894
Reload image [2]
Seem to be working now. Since you are using the root of the D drive, it may not have worked since if you don't have write access...
3 years 2 1102
Programming Arexx RA-1 Pro With the aid of a camera sensor . [3]
Erdogan, If your camera is mounted on the end of the robot arm, that may be the issue. As you try t...
6 years 2 904
Request to increase VCam limit to 8 [2]
Extending this feature is not on our short term roadmap.  Windows 10 has the VCam feature built in, so that may help.&...
1 year 2 352
Auto start roborealm [2]
You have a couple options: 1. As admin click on Options Button->Startup Tab->[] Startup RR on...
4 years 2 917
Tracking an object and get it's coordinates [2]
Hi, Perhaps you can explain the context of your project a bit more. There are many ways to track an...
5 years 2 1223
Call Module [2]
Robert, What version of RR are you using? Can you post your example ro...
5 years 2 1548
Laser line module [2]
Use the Rotate module to rotate the image by 90 degrees before the laser line module. STeven....
5 years 2 1510
roomba + openwrt [2]
It does now (just released). See ...
6 years 2 1275
FPS drops with multiple cameras housed within if tests modules [2]
Vince, While the IF statements will prevent an image from being used, it doesn't prevent the separ...
5 years 2 849

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