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RoboTurret module seems not to work. [2]
Sorry for the confusion. The Trossen Robot Turret module in RR ...
4 years 2 846
Auto start roborealm [2]
You have a couple options: 1. As admin click on Options Button->Startup Tab->[] Startup RR on...
5 years 2 1113
Modbus master communication [3]
Hi, There aren't any plans to create a modbus master version ... unless we find that there is enou...
7 years 2 1731
Obstacle Avoidance Laser System [3]
Cherault, Its easier if there is an image that can be used as an example. What you want to do is to...
7 years 2 2054
avm navigator and arduino UNO [2]
This is discussed at length in ...
5 years 2 1706
Test Receive [2]
Roland, The receive sequence needs to have some sort of character to know when the sequence ends. T...
7 years 2 1134
Sparki Bluetooth communication [2]
Chuck, Yes, it can. The Sketch you uploaded is configured to also look for a bluetooth connection. ...
6 years 2 2000
variables [2]
Krishna, The name of the variable should be in quotes and reference the COM object: ...
4 years 2 966
coin sorting based on shiny or not [2]
Peter, Yes, this is possible. There may be a limitation on what types of coins you can process sinc...
5 years 2 985
roborealm with interactive cinemas [2]
Abdelsalam, It is certainly possible but as RoboRealm isn't really built for that kind of interacti...
6 years 2 958
Blob_Count changes current immage [2]
CubaMadre, That's actually expected. The module will clear out a 1 pixel border around the image s...
7 years 2 1422
Movement Strobe use [2]
Josh, Not sure if you included a robofile or not but it seems to be missing in the post.
3 years 2 786
People tracking in street within zones [2]
Guy, There isn't a robofile that would just do the job as each of these require different configura...
6 years 2 1695
Automatic Image Calibration [2]
BE, The idea is that the calibration grid is taken by the same camera with the same resolution as t...
4 years 2 1489
Move if-statements more easily. [2]
Spencer, Thanks for the note. We did find an issue when you drag the modules so I'll assume that w...
7 years 2 1523
VB script power NXT [2]
Max, I assume the VBscript is setting the robot motor values? The pro...
5 years 2 1520
looking for screws [2]
Yes, just count the number of circles. See attached. STeven. ...
7 years 2 1498
FRC lisense not allowing access to download update [3]
Michael, Its possible that one of you other team members may have reregistered under that coupon an...
7 years 2 1093
Distance from camera using Kinect depth sensor [2]
Assuming you have the Kinect running, you would use the output of the red color detection to mask that area in the depth image. ...
6 years 2 1549
Gerald, You may try the OpenNI2 module instead which uses the MS Kinect drivers. See
7 years 2 977

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