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Can I Import Pre-recorded Video?? [2]
Try the Media Reader or Read AVI modules: ...
5 years 2 857
Random Disconnects with Distributor Client [2]
Andrei, Are you getting any crash report send requests when you re-run RR after one of those crashe...
5 years 2 702
Line Following sensor [2]
Goupil, The company no longer exists. Some of the folks moved over to cmRobot but I don't think th...
6 years 2 737
Movement Tracking [2]
Jonathan, That's what the "Reduce global movement" checkbox in that module tries to do. Note tha...
5 years 2 1263
Visual Programming Language [3]
James, Its not easy but possible to do. Everything you need is included in those examples that you ...
6 years 2 853
Webcam Recommendations? [2]
60fps will pretty much reduce you down to a couple webcams ... most will already do deinterlaced esp. webcams. If you get into d...
5 years 2 763
Virtually remove fiducial from image [2]
What is going wrong with the attempt to cover it with an image? Would something like the attached work?
5 years 2 739
TRENDnet TV-IP672WI [3]
Doug & others, As mentioned in my email, you have a couple options: 1....
6 years 2 727
Depth marker data format [2]
Guenter, Thanks for the note, there was an accidental switch of the width and height being set when...
5 years 2 1590
Boebot control [3]
JW, Do you see the request to send an error report after you restart RR after a crash? Can you allo...
6 years 2 716
object recognition [2]
You would first get an example image that you can test your object recognition on. Note that the OR module works only with plana...
5 years 2 1377
loadProgram from Visual Basic [2]
Its likely that the path is not correct ... note that the double \\\\ (which the forum may have added) are C/CSharp syntax so ma...
5 years 2 744
Copy Cut and Paste [2]
While not perfect, you can select a module, press CTRL-C and then jump to a different tab, or instance and press CTRL-V which wi...
5 years 2 893
missing .dll [2]
Jon, I assume you were trying to use the RTSP_Player module? We've corrected that download. For 64 ...
3 years 2 734
connect to modbus [2]
Only modbus for now. Can you use Devicenet to connect to a Fanuc robot? What board would you need to plug into a PC to enable th...
4 years 2 832
Move if-statements more easily. [2]
Spencer, Thanks for the note. We did find an issue when you drag the modules so I'll assume that w...
6 years 2 1198
Process Images in a folder [2]
Load Images is the right module to use. You have to add modules in order to process the image and save the results somewhere (ei...
3 years 2 752
looking for screws [2]
Yes, just count the number of circles. See attached. STeven. ...
6 years 2 1189
embryo detection [2]
I wouldn't use the RGB filter ... that implies that color is a distinguishing factor for this image which it isn't. Instead, can...
5 years 2 1369
Ellipse matching [2]
Just for completeness ... Ellipse module was just launched. ...
6 years 2 1332

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