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Image Matching [2]
Bob, Just for completeness ... or in case you are using this for a different function than image co...
3 years 2 906
when robofile is reopened... [3]
David, Make sure that there isn't another RR lurking in the background that is still running. When...
6 years 2 1186
counting screws [2]
There are many ways ... perhaps you can be more specific. For example see the attached. STeven....
6 years 2 1478
Follow specific blob, delete all other distoritions [2]
Can you post a couple images or perhaps a video? Also if you can include your current robofile that...
6 years 2 763
Roborealm on Raspberry PI [2]
Nope. Please see http://www.roboreal...
3 years 2 1627
If statement [2]
Grant, Yes, there are many ways to do this but it depends on what you mean by "output". There are m...
2 years 2 756
Hough Transform - Angles [2]
Thanks for your notes. There were a couple issues that we resolved with the latest version (just uploaded). Can you download tha...
6 years 2 1203
DLL & OCR [2]
Maize, RoboRealm doesn't have a 'produce c/c++ code ability' but does have many other ways to inter...
4 years 2 1274
Waypoint Question and Feature Request [3]
Jon, The format would be more like ReDim points (4)
6 years 2 1597
Help required in getting variables data [2]
Either http://www.robor...
3 years 2 873
save data to file [2]
Couple options: http://...
4 years 2 1165
Recognition  center of object [2]
That module generates a couple variables like OBJECT_X_COORD and OBJECT_Y_COORD including an array of data that includes that da...
1 year 2 334
How to overlay one pet [2]
Egido, Do you have an example of what you mean? Detecting and identifying animals isn't an easy tas...
4 years 2 1069
Academic License Purchasing [3]
Zati, Yes, we can. Please use our contact form and send us your email, name and physical address. W...
6 years 2 927
Stereoscopic vision for determination of depth [2]
Bob, I'd recommend looking into the Kinect or Creative Senz3D instead which would give you that 3D ...
4 years 2 1209
camera recognition [2]
a) In order to measure the actual camera FPS you need to untoggle the Run button such that no modules are running. What happens ...
5 years 2 956
Watchdog for Roborealm [2]
Jaheer, It depends mainly on the hardware. If there are error messages that come back then the modu...
3 years 2 773
String or variable concatenation [2]
Thomas, Its now possible to use ["hello"+"world"]
4 years 2 808
VBscript help needed for Blob area/size comparision [2]
Aman, This is possible ... do you already have the initial script that quantifies the leaves? If so...
5 years 2 1117
Objects coordinates after shape match on conveyor [2]
Alicja, In order to have the robot pick up the part you would need to calculate the real world posi...
1 year 2 580

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