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Face detection and greyscale video [2]
John, The face_detection module works with gray images. Even with a color image it will convert it ...
3 years 2 1080
completed save and open a vbScript is not possible [2]
1. Are you pressing OK in the VBScript module before exiting RR? 2. How long is your VBScript?
2 years 2 593
Where is the standard license version? [2]
Sorry, no, the personal version is no longer being distributed. The commercial version is the only available version.
1 year 2 383
action_shot_scantron [3]
See if the attached meets your needs. Note, it assumes that the scantron is horizontally aligned as in your image. If not, see i...
5 years 2 1371
Move if-statements more easily. [2]
Spencer, Thanks for the note. We did find an issue when you drag the modules so I'll assume that w...
5 years 2 1110
Random Disconnects with Distributor Client [2]
Andrei, Are you getting any crash report send requests when you re-run RR after one of those crashe...
4 years 2 650
Line Following sensor [2]
Goupil, The company no longer exists. Some of the folks moved over to cmRobot but I don't think th...
5 years 2 673
Multiple clients connected to RoboRealm Server [3]
Paulo, I assume you mean connecting to the API server? The API server is configured to only allow o...
5 years 2 680
looking for screws [2]
Yes, just count the number of circles. See attached. STeven. ...
5 years 2 1076
Movement Tracking [2]
Jonathan, That's what the "Reduce global movement" checkbox in that module tries to do. Note tha...
4 years 2 1150
3D Viewer [3]
Not sure about that particular camera. Many of the less expensive stereo cameras are not very well calibrated for stereo analysi...
5 years 2 1233
Joystick control of a relay [3]
John, See the attached. STeven. ...
5 years 2 1411
Webcam Recommendations? [2]
60fps will pretty much reduce you down to a couple webcams ... most will already do deinterlaced esp. webcams. If you get into d...
4 years 2 683
Virtually remove fiducial from image [2]
What is going wrong with the attempt to cover it with an image? Would something like the attached work?
4 years 2 681
color recognition [3]
Jonathan, This can be done in two parts, color detection and then transmission through the serial p...
5 years 2 1123
Ellipse matching [2]
Just for completeness ... Ellipse module was just launched. ...
5 years 2 1236
Depth marker data format [2]
Guenter, Thanks for the note, there was an accidental switch of the width and height being set when...
4 years 2 1463
Getting a boolean variable for target identification [3]
Toyalima, It partly depends on how you are detecting the target and what variables would get set or...
5 years 2 744
object recognition [2]
You would first get an example image that you can test your object recognition on. Note that the OR module works only with plana...
4 years 2 1274
School project [3]
Given those items I'd take a quick look at Makey ...
5 years 2 749

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