Write to EXIF
Waz from Australia  [1 posts]
7 year
Is it possible to write data from the GPS module to the EXIF file of an image being processed?
Steven Gentner from United States  [1444 posts] 7 year
We added EXIF writing to the write_image module but, unfortunately, we were not able to write the GPS information to the EXIF part of an image reliably. It seems that FreeImage.dll doesn't have the ability to write the GPS field into EXIF except for in the TIFF format. Even attempting to use that format showed no information being written either.

An alternative would be to write the GPS information into a CSV database file that also contains the filename of the associated image. Problem with that is what program is going to consume the image may not be able to use that information. What is the destination use of that annotated image? Is there another app that will be used?


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