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Get distance of multiple Fiducials [2]
MichaŽl, When you now select the "create array" checkbox it will also create an array for each pr...
6 years 2 1724
RR unable to write files [2]
Marco, Most definately a permissions issue. Its possible that the permissions allow for creation bu...
7 years 2 1574
Counting Dices [2]
Thomas, Yes, it possible. There are a couple ways to do this ... one way you can explore is using t...
6 years 2 1547
Previous versions of RR [2]
Jerry, Use the contact form to send us your email that you used to have RoboRealm linked to and we ...
1 year 2 564
Crash report on startup [2]
Pete, That's most likely caused by the crash file not being able to be deleted for some reason. Yo...
6 years 2 1035
Convert image of a curve into series of X,Y coordinates [2]
Attached is one way to do this. The trick is to break it into two analysis and use the color filter to focus either on the blue ...
4 years 2 1156
Datamatrix [2]
Did you try the barcode module? I don't see any question in your post. STeven....
5 years 2 1465
Roborealm causing Windows Explorer to lock up [2]
Sam, We've not had any reports similar to this since your post. If this is something that is still ...
4 years 2 911
Keyboard Shortcuts [2]
Jeremy, We updated those keystrokes to use F2, F3 and F4 for the 3 tabs (F1 goes to help) as we ran...
5 years 2 961
Video [2]
Yes, see http://www.robore...
5 years 2 1721
hardware needed [2]
It should just function fine on a regular PC unless you have a large video image (> 640x480). See
5 years 2 1220
Write Image Files [2]
Romulo, The simplest way to do this is to surround the Write_Images module using an If_Statement mo...
3 years 2 813
Interfacing Photon FASTCAM [2]
Those are nice cameras! Do you know what they transmit over the network? Perhaps the HTTP_READ module will work if you happen to...
7 years 2 995
Net Framework Data Provider [2]
Lev, That module uses the SQLDriverConnect Function provided by Microsoft documented at
4 years 2 1085
Roborealm wth Flir one Android camera to detect IR signatures [2]
Mark, If you can get the FLIR image into a PC, then yes, it is possible to do. A FLIR image is esse...
5 years 2 996
Detection of motion [2]
Play around with the Movement module: ...
3 years 2 901
Identifying a Pet [2]
Brian, You'd be at it forever to identify specific animals. A shortcut would be to see that someth...
6 years 2 1576
Write variables [2]
Daan, This is certainly possible. If you use the Geometric Statistics module that will create an ar...
7 years 2 1700
Movement Strobe use [2]
Josh, Not sure if you included a robofile or not but it seems to be missing in the post.
3 years 2 786
Setup OpenCV with Windows DLL [2]
Andrei, That will depend on the compiler that you are using. In visual studio, simply dragging the ...
6 years 2 1253

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