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Motors run after I close RR [2]
When RR disconnects with the Arduino the motors are set to neutral to avoid the problem you are describing. This number is 1500 ...
4 years 2 1136
Is the following possible, using the RoboRealm software? [2]
Roi, The answer is a maybe. Are you able to post that poster image so that we can take a look at it...
6 years 2 1461
Leddar [2]
Dave, They appear to offer a SDK with .Net and C libraries so it should be quite straightforward. C...
4 years 2 695
Full screen toggle [2]
Are you running the Kiosk mode also in full screen? Would this just necessitate changing the image?
6 years 2 843
Quality Control [2]
Neil, Yes, you can certainly use the software for that. As its a toolbag of different techniques ca...
2 years 2 643
aperture [2]
Sounds like you are looking for a custom mask in paint and then apply that to the image. You can us...
6 years 2 1130
using C# and Roborealm [2]
This is most likely caused by a mismatch between x32 and x64 versions. You should check what you are compiling to and also use e...
4 years 2 838
VBScript Program Error [2]
Its possible that the 32 bit version of this has been registered instead. Its best to uninstall both the 32 bit and 64 bit and t...
1 year 2 720
Track object and measure thickness [2]
It will depend on the object (sample image?) and how you expect to measure thickness. To get an actual cm or mm measurement from...
1 year 2 275
application demo for RoboRealm DLL library [2]
First link on http://www.roborealm...
4 years 2 1016
leapmotion sensor ? [2]
Fabrice, Just launched: ...
5 years 2 933
set intensity of Kinect-IR-Projector [3]
Liu, If you are seeing the Kinect and have installed the libusb drivers that option will be enabled...
6 years 2 2220
exporting variables [2]
BT, First, download the latest version of RR so we can be sure you are seeing what our tests reveal...
6 years 2 1497
Select Excel Raneg and Perform Formatting functions [3]
I think you may have posted in the wrong website ... perhaps posting something on the MSDN site is a better way to go.
6 years 2 737
tracking IR-LEDs [2]
Martin, Assuming you just want to track the PCB that's certainly possible just using illumination ...
6 years 2 1354
Image Compare [2]
Bob, Yea, the image matching is really built for general comparisons .. completely NOT what you are...
3 years 2 1234
Button interface to activate tabs [2]
Mai, You would use the Call tab to do this. See the attached. Press a button to run different tabs....
6 years 2 1728
Servo AX dynamixel is not moving [2]
Nurul, There are a couple mistakes in the script that you included. I think there might be some con...
3 years 2 1190
Missing libvlc.dll when trying to use VLC player [2]
Check that if you are running 32 bit RR you install 32 bit VLC and vice versa. STeven....
3 years 2 1000
tracking ball- outputing positional data [3]
Lots of ways to do that. I'd start with the Write Variables module and see if that works for you. ...
6 years 2 1651

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