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Path planing tutorial [2]
Frank, The tutorial is ...
3 years 2 710
Sending Variables from Roborealm to Labview Using NetworkTables [2]
Jake, first make sure that you have all the most recent updates on both RR and the Network tables. ...
6 years 2 913
Switching between Multiple Cameras using Marker Module [2]
e-JMO, No, that seems about right. I've included what you have above and it appears to be working ...
5 years 2 946
Write to EXIF [2]
We added EXIF writing to the write_image module but, unfortunately, we were not able to write the GPS information to the EXIF pa...
4 years 2 1182
Testing an integer array for emptyness [2]
If you specify an array just by itself it will return the size of the array so if HARRIS_CORNERS &g...
5 years 2 1315
Multiple CPUs and Write Images [2]
Alistair, Using multiple CPU's isn't going to help much in your case. The way that works is to use ...
1 year 2 240
General question [2]
RoboRealm is written in C/C++ Not sure where you read that its considered faster than OpenCV. We do...
5 years 2 744
Multiple Sample Color Modules [2]
You are correct in your usage of the Set_Variable module. That would be the way to "rename" a variable to another name such that...
1 year 2 539
Problem with Lego_NXT module [3]
Zach, Have you tried with the NXT application that comes with the NXT? If that doesn't work then t...
6 years 2 1463
Encourage users to answer questions [3]
Yea, that would be nice .. but unlikely! :-) STeven....
6 years 2 1074
Face detection and greyscale video [2]
John, The face_detection module works with gray images. Even with a color image it will convert it ...
4 years 2 1276
Tracking an object and get it's coordinates [2]
Hi, Perhaps you can explain the context of your project a bit more. There are many ways to track an...
5 years 2 1232
Call Module [2]
Robert, What version of RR are you using? Can you post your example ro...
5 years 2 1566
"Write AVI" with the filename from variable [2]
Doug, Yes it is and is done frequently. You can even change the variable path and that will tell th...
2 years 2 809
blob tracking, triangle question [3]
Hard to help without an example image and your robofile ... otherwise we'd just be guessing at what is going wrong.
6 years 2 752
Laser line module [2]
Use the Rotate module to rotate the image by 90 degrees before the laser line module. STeven....
5 years 2 1530
Image processing with roborealm [2]
Romulo, The solution would depend on how the drill bit can be imaged. For example, is it always ass...
2 years 2 567
Problematic edge detection [3]
Dawson, Can you post the original image where you see this issue? Its ...
6 years 2 790
Differential Module to Servos [2]
I'm assuming this is a duplicate post for ...
4 years 2 1179
roomba + openwrt [2]
It does now (just released). See ...
6 years 2 1285

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