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2d decode [2]
Pete, Thanks for the image. The decoding of the matrix required switching between different decodin...
3 years 2 882
blob detection [2]
Something like the following? Note, 1 image doesn't do it .. the robofile below will work for this...
3 years 2 991
cScript [2]
I'm assuming you are using the Path_Planning module, as one of the outputs you have PLAN_ORIENTATION which is the direction/angl...
2 years 2 548
Roborealm not recognizing multiple Playstation Eye cameras [2]
I assume that you installed the code lab drivers? Note that you need the platform SDK driver in order to access two.
4 years 2 665
Image Matching [2]
Bob, Ideally the image path is only set very infrequently. Its not a parameter that should be chang...
1 year 2 594
Regarding Vcam [2]
You do this indirectly. First by getting the RTSP module to capture the right image. Once you see the image in the main RR GUI y...
3 months 2 124
Interfacing via VS-2012 [2]
Dave, can you confirm if you are compiling the examples for 32 bit or 64 bit? A 32 bit app cannot l...
3 years 2 643
cScript [2]
Fernando, This can be done in the cscript module (or VBScript or Python or Jscript modules). You wo...
2 years 2 577
communication between labview and roborealm [2]
Domingo, Unfortunately since there isn't an explicit way to get raw binary data in XML the above re...
2 months 2 106
output in shape matchinh [2]
Francesco, There are a *lot* of ways to get information out from RR. Its a good idea to review som...
17 days 2 43
AVM Navigator [2]
Mal, 64 bit apps are not able to load 32 bit dlls. 32 bit apps are not able to load 64 bit dlls. So...
1 year 2 326
Setup OpenCV with Windows DLL [2]
Andrei, That will depend on the compiler that you are using. In visual studio, simply dragging the ...
3 years 2 876
Handwriting/Signature Detection/Extraction [2]
Eric, We've not done this under room conditions which is probably quite tricky to do. Given that u...
4 years 2 542
Bluetooth Connection (w/ LegoNXT) Error [2]
You are probably getting interruptions with your bluetooth signal. Check the batteries of the NXT since connections start to fai...
3 years 2 950
Integer value in Windows-32 [2]
Kresimir, That is correct that a 32 bit number will turn negative as it approaches the 32 bit limit...
2 years 2 797
Write new AVI with each movement [2]
Samuel, Yes, this is possible. You can change the name of the filename that is created using by pla...
1 year 2 348
Trial period expired [2]
Ping, We just updated the download with a solution to this problem. Can you download it once again,...
3 years 2 648
Tracking Person Shirt striped RGB [2]
As mentioned in the other post, have a look at ...
4 years 2 688
Multiple COG coordinates [2]
Actually it doesn't ... unless the other circles are more of the color just selected. That's why the GUI uses checkboxes as ap...
3 years 2 617
Analog input [2]
Kevin, I'm not sure what the issue might be with the image recognition ... if you can include that...
4 years 2 911

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