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Roborealm With FRC [3]
Are you using SmarDashboard? That can be used to view that values from RoboRealm are being sent to the main network table.
5 years 2 1300
Anyway of incorporating Roborealm in a system so no PC is needed? [2]
Pedro, You will need a PC somewhere in the equation in order to run RR ... what you can do is to us...
2 years 2 342
WVC200 image not writing to RR... [3]
Jeff, Typically that means that it is accessing the camera and loading in frames but is unable to d...
5 years 2 674
Multiple Measurements [2]
Alan, Yes, this is a common use of the application. In your case, the first module will align the i...
2 years 2 770
object recognition with Kinect [3]
1) Tough to say which method works best to analyze depth. Depends on what you want to do. Thresholding is a good way of removing...
5 years 2 1721
EZRobot_Variables [2]
Justin, Glad we could help! The idea was that you could use Set_Variab...
4 years 2 622
merge MPU6050 DMP code [2]
Sorry no, we are not familiar with that device nor its code. At this time we don't have any recommendations on how to merge that...
1 year 2 293
Display Text Module [2]
Nemanya, The variable selection was built to deal correctly with arrays ... but this has been updat...
5 years 2 949
DVR plugin not found [2]
Nimal, We've started distributing the DVR plugin separately from RoboRealm. Please recheck that doc...
3 years 2 1163
Button toggle groups [2]
Paul, There was an issue with un-toggling buttons in the same group correctly. This has been fixed ...
4 years 2 891
Load_Image from network drive [2]
You will probably need to update to the most recent version. I've just tested the load image (and multiple load from a folder) ...
4 years 2 1112
camera recommended for colour based object tracking robot [2]
Rose, For that inexpensive price, you are probably looking at a TP-Link WR703N router ($25) with an...
5 years 2 623
BREATH variable [2]
Nemanya, The BREATH variable was not being created as an array. This has been fixed in the most rec...
4 years 2 1007
Write to EXIF [2]
We added EXIF writing to the write_image module but, unfortunately, we were not able to write the GPS information to the EXIF pa...
3 years 2 876
which kind of camera [2]
Dong, Sorry for the delay. This has been fixed in the most recent version. The checksum for Code-12...
4 years 2 1178
Optical Flow algorithm [2]
Its a Block-based method similar to how you do stereo correlation. You can read more at ...
4 years 2 1083
Capturing probe pins positions on VB6 application [2]
Min, Something like the attached? You will need to test this on MANY more images.
4 years 2 1214
Sparki Bluetooth communication [2]
Chuck, Yes, it can. The Sketch you uploaded is configured to also look for a bluetooth connection. ...
4 years 2 1399
Face detection and greyscale video [2]
John, The face_detection module works with gray images. Even with a color image it will convert it ...
3 years 2 973
People tracking in street within zones [2]
Guy, There isn't a robofile that would just do the job as each of these require different configura...
4 years 2 1102

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