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Watchdog for Roborealm [2]
Jaheer, It depends mainly on the hardware. If there are error messages that come back then the modu...
4 years 2 1027
Marker Problem with Crop [2]
Paul, This should have been corrected a while back ... can you check with your particular configura...
6 years 2 1787
Motors run after I close RR [2]
When RR disconnects with the Arduino the motors are set to neutral to avoid the problem you are describing. This number is 1500 ...
5 years 2 1429
VBscript error [2]
We used to have this issue in older Windows systems that did not have the VBScript component downloaded. You can try to download...
4 years 2 1084
Switching between Multiple Cameras using Marker Module [2]
e-JMO, No, that seems about right. I've included what you have above and it appears to be working ...
6 years 2 1188
Leddar [2]
Dave, They appear to offer a SDK with .Net and C libraries so it should be quite straightforward. C...
5 years 2 908
Rectangular data matrix barcodes [2]
Added to the most recent version. STeven....
4 years 2 931
Testing an integer array for emptyness [2]
If you specify an array just by itself it will return the size of the array so if HARRIS_CORNERS &g...
6 years 2 1630
Problem with Lego_NXT module [3]
Zach, Have you tried with the NXT application that comes with the NXT? If that doesn't work then t...
7 years 2 1862
List of compatible multi megapixel industrial cameras [2]
Yuriy, We've not really kept track of this and have instead been more focused on providing access t...
4 years 2 932
Distributor Client Cancel Bug [2]
Agreed, that is annoying! This has just been fixed in 2.50.41. STeven....
7 years 2 938
General question [2]
RoboRealm is written in C/C++ Not sure where you read that its considered faster than OpenCV. We do...
6 years 2 939
using C# and Roborealm [2]
This is most likely caused by a mismatch between x32 and x64 versions. You should check what you are compiling to and also use e...
5 years 2 1088
Encourage users to answer questions [3]
Yea, that would be nice .. but unlikely! :-) STeven....
7 years 2 1259
RR for Line tracking [2]
Check the tutorials ... specifically ...
7 years 2 1443
reloading file [2]
Roland, You'll not get a stack overflow loading a file that is running. When a load request is rec...
7 years 2 938
scale servo arduino object tracking [2]
Pablo, If I'm not mistake I would expect the servo values to range from 500 to 2500? If so, the act...
5 years 2 1245
If statement [2]
Grant, Yes, there are many ways to do this but it depends on what you mean by "output". There are m...
3 years 2 1013
Distribution Client check if connected? [2]
7 years 2 1014
blob tracking, triangle question [3]
Hard to help without an example image and your robofile ... otherwise we'd just be guessing at what is going wrong.
7 years 2 938

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