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ActiveX interface to RR
Hi, Is there a way of using ActiveX control for RR? I've done it for a number of applicati...
15 year 7 2962
SRV-1b motors time
By default, to control the motors we just send the value of the speed, and that value will be running the motors for 500 ms, is...
15 year 7 1655
Axis m1013 Compadibility
Our axis m206 camera recently broke and we are looking for a new camera replacement.  Unfortunately, the axis 206 and...
11 year 7 2727
Measuring Depth
Hi, I'm currently working with roborealm to measure some objects in a picture. I want to measure t...
13 year 7 4680
Bug in Path Planning
Hi Steven, There seems to be a bug in the path planning module. If I use the path planning tutorial...
15 year 7 3632
Alerting when locked on - FRC image tracking
Is there a way to get a message back to the smart dashboard saying that we are currently tracking distance to the goal. For exam...
11 year 7 2033
How to run two copies of roborealm.
I am trying to make a 3d red object tracking robot, which requires two camera's to provide video feed and write down va...
16 year 7 2250
MP4 media support
STeven, Do you have plans to include mp4 or 3gp video support with the read media module? I would l...
13 year 7 3837
Visual basic interface
Is there a complete description somewhere of how to use Roborealm variables and functions for VB? F...
11 year 7 3266
AVM navigator:navigation by map obstacle
Hello, how does it works the plugin dectection of obstacle in the avm navigator  used within the navigation by map, i...
13 year 7 3578
Separating the object or pores
Hello, I am working to characterize a porous media and I want to identify each pore (object) indivi...
12 year 7 3798
sending extended ascii in variable
If I have a variable, say, position = 82 How Do I get the value 82 to send out an "...
10 year 7 2170
Radial distortion coefficient
Hi all This seam to be a very useful program. I'm trying to u...
16 year 7 2233
Barcode 128A
Hi, I am New to RR. I have an application in which I want to decode the barcode 128A, I had tried using barcode module but it is...
10 year 7 2895
Question for EDTV
Ok, once I run the Navigate by map program within RoboRealm and I have the API installed for Lisp, I understand I need to do som...
13 year 7 1803
Lane & Obstacle Detection
Hi everyone, I'm thinking of using this software for a project for a scale lane & obstacle detecting car.
12 year 7 2679
Fixed Tracking
I'm new to robo realm. I was wondering if someone could lead me into the direction how to set fixed positions on an object. For...
13 year 7 2038
SRV-1 Motor Control
I'm trying to control the SRV-1 motors using VB Script and some blob tracking.  I was getting very unpredictable beha...
15 year 7 2475
Image Comparison
hi .. as such i am newbie to Roborealm which is just awesome ... i ve just attached two pics below...
15 year 7 2535
Cannot start Roborealm
Hi I am trying to get Roborealm running on a machine. (XP) I get the error message be...
11 year 7 1821

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