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parallax servo controller(usb) problem
We are building a robot for a school project, so we bought a parallax servo controller(usb) to control our engines.
13 year 8 4267
OSC controll questions
Hi, I've looked at the other posts about using OSC but I'm still unclear about it. I'm designing a robot that w...
15 year 8 2007
Hello , I am using Roborealm in Robotics studio simulation. I need to...
13 year 8 1613
line list
Hi, Steven What is MEP Coordinate Array? Is this one come with Blobs filter?...
16 year 8 2824
AVM Navigator input sources
Hi, Just experimenting with AVM. Does AVM allow video inputs from the Read_HTTP , whe...
11 year 8 2139
Kondo robots with roborealm
Is there anyone interfacing a rcb3-hv controller board with roborealm. I would like to use roborealm to run my KHR1_hv autonomou...
15 year 8 2777
hardware suggestions
I'd like to utilize the color tracking ability and I'm hoping for the easiest plug and play solution. The camera ......
15 year 8 2063
USB HID Receive Data Error
Hi Steven. I had try to implement USB HID on my RR application. However, I got an error on received data. I made a...
8 year 8 4583
I am using an Xtion Pro Live with RR but when I run RR, the maximum FPS that I manage to get is 15. I want atleast 30 FPS. Any w...
11 year 8 3623
AX-12a ball picker
Hai everybody, How can I do this using Java with roborealm? ...
10 year 8 1993
Sabertooth Mixed Mode
Can the Sabertooth module be used to control two motors in mixed mode?...
12 year 8 4798
Synchronization of two cameras and getting processing time?
Hello,    I have an application of tracking a quick moving object (about 3m/s). There are two questions...
15 year 8 2157
Automated Rifle target Scoring
Hi Everyone, I was hoping I could get some ideas thrown around for a project I am working on for a...
12 year 8 11589
Virtual Camera
Steve, How hard would it be to improve the Virtual Camera so that it can pipe the image to multiple...
14 year 8 3827
Accessing the API
Am sorry, I thought Title was something like nick... Anyways here's my Question.... I have...
15 year 8 2573
Training the avm object recognition module with a list of images
Hi all, Can I train the AVM object recognition module on a series of images? I have a number of images of objects,...
10 year 8 3084
RoboRealm Webserver set_variables
I can't seem to get the set variable command to update anything on the interface. If I open Watch_Variables, I should be able t...
12 year 8 1514
Stereo vision on an old laptop
It seems stereo vision based autonomous navigation is possible even on a simple old laptop. ...
15 year 8 3737
Is this the way to go? Obstacle avoidance
My mobile robot has a forward facing camera for obstacle avoidance and path finding. I want to implement this logic. If there is...
13 year 8 4387
for EDV
Hey ED!    I finally got my hands on a Roomba robot that I could try with the Nav programs. I went throu...
12 year 8 1636

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