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Progress on Facial Recognition Module
I'd just like to know how the progress for Roborealm's facial recognition module is going. What's been accomplished so far? W...
16 year 8 5146
Question about older freeware version of RoboRealm
Is it ok to redistribute the older version that is freeware? I still have a copy on my computer. Because it was never a version...
13 year 8 5929
Feed RoboRealm webserver video to FRC SmartDashboard
FRC SmartDashboard has a simple FFmpeg grabber extension (VideoStreamExtension) that can read mjpeg streams from a web server UR...
11 year 8 5021
Virtual Camera
Steve, How hard would it be to improve the Virtual Camera so that it can pipe the image to multiple...
15 year 8 3978
RoboRealm and MSRS 1.5 VPL
Hi, I am a newbie to RoboRealm and I saw the guidelines for connecting RoboRealm with MSRS...
17 year 8 4261
Accessing the API
Am sorry, I thought Title was something like nick... Anyways here's my Question.... I have...
16 year 8 2722
follow uv paint
I´m wondering if there is a possibilty to track a line of uv paint. What i want to do is paint a line with invisib...
14 year 8 2116
Synchronization of two cameras and getting processing time?
Hello,    I have an application of tracking a quick moving object (about 3m/s). There are two questions...
15 year 8 2312
need help stretching image
I have a lens that has a little over 180deg FOV and I want to stretch the image to make it square. It is on a ccd camera and is...
14 year 8 2027
RoboRealm Webserver set_variables
I can't seem to get the set variable command to update anything on the interface. If I open Watch_Variables, I should be able t...
13 year 8 1623
Was wonder if there is a bug in the newer versions of RoboRealm or is it something else on my end.  Before (on an olde...
16 year 8 2161
HTTP Read module, Image format
Which image formats does the HTTP Read module handle? Roborealm crashes with my custom image server that serves GI...
12 year 8 3823
When I try to activate the MCU module RR all but locks up.  Frame rate drops to <1 fps.  Am I doing somet...
9 year 8 2787
Socket extension: protocol for arrays
I need to send the BLOBS and the MER_COORDINATES array to a robot via socket extension, but I don't know how the arrays are sen...
14 year 8 1757
Flood Fill and Floor Finder algorithm?
Based on obstacle avoidance tutorial, I'm trying to simulate two modules Floodfill and Floor Finder in Matlab, but I can't fin...
15 year 8 6609
Media Reader does not open videos in the supported formats
Hi, I am trying to open videos (320x240) using the media reader module. However, they do not run. I...
15 year 8 4541
USB HID Receive Data Error
Hi Steven. I had try to implement USB HID on my RR application. However, I got an error on received data. I made a...
9 year 8 4919
parallax servo controller(usb) problem
We are building a robot for a school project, so we bought a parallax servo controller(usb) to control our engines.
14 year 8 4464
Time with no camera
I am using RR without a camera, but in this case the IMAGE_DATETIME does not update.
9 year 8 2391
surveillance and e-mail notification
Hi! I was wondering, is there a way to make a program with roborealm that has this function:
16 year 8 2197

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