surveillance and e-mail notification
16 year
I was wondering, is there a way to make a program with roborealm that has this function:

If something is moveing in front of the webcam, it will take a picture, and send it to a desired e-mail address?


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Anonymous 16 year
Yes, it is possible to make such a program ... but it is even easier if you use the just released Email module within RoboRealm to do just that.


Ricardo Sampaio from Portugal  [32 posts] 16 year
This is a very interesting module, but i cant put it to work.
I'm using the correct (copy past from outlook) configuration from Gmail and im always getting " 'dpõue' does not apper to be a valid address! " Message.  And i don't know what it that  "dpõue" thing it uses some German points over the "U" and "E".

Does this happen to any one else?
Anonymous 16 year

We not sure about your particular error but we did fine tune the parameter checking for the email module in (just uploaded). Can you try downloading that version and see if that helps with your problem? I assume that you are sending to a single gmail email address?

Ricardo Sampaio from Portugal  [32 posts] 16 year
(sorry for the previews post on the root of the forum sometimes it happens and i cant tell way)

I just update the RR and i get a new message "Could not Log In" could this be Gmail needs autentification or something?

This is the configuration im putting...

One last thing congratulations to everyone that contributes to this program, i cant believe how fast is evolving...
I just hope i can contribute some way, if anything is need to test or something just ask and il be glad to help.
Anonymous 16 year

Try without the 'Username' field in the SMTP configuration (ie delete the first ikaricorp). If you specify a username you also would need a password. Looks like gmail does not require that.

Let us know if it works.

Ricardo Sampaio from Portugal  [32 posts] 16 year
If i leave Usarneme empty i just get " invalid 'From Email' adress 'ikaricorp@gmail.com' in email."

I dint put the "password" from private reasens

Could u tell me email servers that u test? hotmail, or something? so i can test whit the same as u?
Anonymous 16 year

We misunderstood your earlier screenshot .. the password field should come up as '*****' so we did not anticipate that you would delete it but it makes sense.

We checked gmail a little more carefully and it turns out it requires Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) that RR does not yet support. So unfortunately you will not be able to use gmail as an SMTP server.

We will try to work up an example using another email smtp server ... perhaps one of the temporary email accounts.


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