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Accessing video digitizer
Hello: I have one of the 2.4GHz wireless video cameras that is connected to the ADS Tech DV...
17 year 9 13664
About API + C++
For the time been, i have success to show live video at GUI through Roborealm and detect several unique pattern that i have alre...
15 year 9 3416
Motion tracking and coloring what is tracked
Hi all, I am trying to do the following. 1. Detect movement. 2. Move t...
12 year 9 2629
Object strobing
If i strobe an object (at a fixed frequency) in a scene, can roborealm mask out the scene leaving only the area of the strobing...
13 year 9 3084
Serial Module Insertion Problem
I just purchased the latest version of RoboRealm after a few days of using the trial version.  I have tried the Serial...
12 year 9 2347
GPS_Reader waypoint problems
IGPS_Reader is giving me different problems on Win 7 and XP.  However, the common problem is with file data and waypoi...
11 year 9 2762
Areas of Research - Machine Vision Security
Hello, I'm not sure if this is the forum, or even the right website for this post, but I have been using RR for various robotic...
15 year 9 2571
API Crash (Python)
Hello, I’m trying to use the Python API.  I’m trying to get the test progr...
14 year 9 3553
Roborealm Vbscript Problem
I dont know if Im posting this in the right place but i have a small problem with roborealm vbscript module, how do i make a del...
12 year 9 2663
Shape Matching Problem?!
I am new in robo realm, but i think there is a problem with shape matching, i have 5 forms. 3 arrow...
13 year 9 4580
Reconnect to camera when lost connection?
Hello, Is there an option to periodically try to reconnect previously lost connection to camera?
6 year 9 2307
Vision Guided Tractor
I'm trying to visually guide a tractor up and down in a field. For now I'm not worried about turning around at the ends. Attac...
11 year 9 2460
Servo movement deadband
I have a question, I'm not sure how to go about this. This is the code in the vb script program: <...
13 year 9 3310
Custom Algorithm
hello sir, I am doing research in Artificial Intelligence and robotics area. I feel glad to find RR and wish to use it in my wor...
8 year 9 2765
Dual Camera, working on dual controls in Web
tried altering the Index.html page in notepad thus: <table> <tr><td colspan=2 align=c...
16 year 9 2508
Recommended Wireless camera
I wanted to know if anyone could recommend a mini wireless web camera that that I could use robo realm with.  ...
16 year 9 2615
Image detection
I have done treshold type with 4 picture, it can detect every kind of picture but when the camera go to other area sometime it a...
15 year 9 3306
API getImage function
What format does the image come in when using the getImage function in the roborealm api?? In c++ how can this be changed so tha...
16 year 9 2739
Trendnet Camera and KWorld Video Capture
I have a Trendnet camera http://www.trendnet.co...
16 year 9 3967
Binning pixels to increase signal
A module to bin pixels to increase signal at the expense of resolution would be useful. It should be possible to bin dif...
16 year 9 3850

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