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15 year
Hello, I'm not sure if this is the forum, or even the right website for this post, but I have been using RR for various robotic hobby projects during the summer.  

I am currently working on a project researching machine vision security, like http://www.objectvideo.com/.

I was wondering if anyone could provide suggestions on how to accomplish some of those deliberations,

size of crowds, monitoring position of a person for an amount of time, or vandalism of the camera itself?

Also I was interested if some kind of facial recognition is attemptable with RR?

Anonymous 15 year
hello, I have decided on small experiment to run, can someone think of way for me to get started...

I want to identify a blob and count how long the camera has view of it.

I also want to be able to keep track of how many times it moves from back and forth on the screen?
Anonymous 15 year

Is there anything in particular about the blob that you want to track that can be used to identify it? Perhaps a color or shape or texture or motion (as in it is the only thing moving)?

Once this is known the rest should be quite straightforward. If you can include an example image(s) of the blob that will make the process much quicker and easier ...

Anonymous 15 year
The blob would be the only thing moving in my control experiments
Anonymous 15 year
Is the blob a different texture/color than the background that it is moving over?

(This would be easier with an example image ... otherwise we will be making some gross assumptions about the environment that might not be true)

Anonymous 15 year
sorry not to have an image, I'll be using an empty studio, white walls, the blob will be a person, not dressed in white ;)
Anonymous 15 year
You mean something like


Just search on Google images for something close to what you think it will look like (the internet is a vast resource for images!).

Anonymous 15 year
thats really close to the studio crit rooms I'll have access to.
Anonymous 15 year
oh, by back and forth, I meant from left to right on the screen.

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