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API Documentation
Hello, Trying to interface witht he RR API. The C# example provide works fantastic, however...
16 year 9 2794
Shape Matching Problem?!
I am new in robo realm, but i think there is a problem with shape matching, i have 5 forms. 3 arrow...
13 year 9 4648
RoboRealm Webserver set_variables
I can't seem to get the set variable command to update anything on the interface. If I open Watch_Variables, I should be able t...
13 year 8 1645
Read_HTTP and Linksys WVC54GCA IP camera
Hi STeven, I just picked up a wireless Linksys WVC54GCA IP camera.  The URL to the motion...
15 year 8 13107
Hi I have another question: I use set_variables to set variable "command" of value "Pose 1" (which is from lynxmotion_seq in...
14 year 8 4357
Lego RCX -beginners problem
Hi, I am struggling to get the RCX to display the COG-X and COG-Y variables that I have set into it using the RR lego co...
17 year 8 5898
Training the avm object recognition module with a list of images
Hi all, Can I train the AVM object recognition module on a series of images? I have a number of images of objects,...
11 year 8 3375
Image Calibration
Hello, I am using RR along with ImageJ.  The only r...
17 year 8 4170
for EDV
Hey ED!    I finally got my hands on a Roomba robot that I could try with the Nav programs. I went throu...
13 year 8 1854
Is this the way to go? Obstacle avoidance
My mobile robot has a forward facing camera for obstacle avoidance and path finding. I want to implement this logic. If there is...
14 year 8 4718
Feed RoboRealm webserver video to FRC SmartDashboard
FRC SmartDashboard has a simple FFmpeg grabber extension (VideoStreamExtension) that can read mjpeg streams from a web server UR...
11 year 8 5057
AX-12a ball picker
Hai everybody, How can I do this using Java with roborealm? ...
11 year 8 2220
need help stretching image
I have a lens that has a little over 180deg FOV and I want to stretch the image to make it square. It is on a ccd camera and is...
14 year 8 2051
HTTP Read module, Image format
Which image formats does the HTTP Read module handle? Roborealm crashes with my custom image server that serves GI...
13 year 8 3858
Sending Serial Commands to X10 controller
Hello, can anyone tell me the basics of sending serial commands to the x10 cm11a serial controler? ...
15 year 8 5941
Error in The ReadMessage method in RR_API- C# class
Hi, I am trying the Object Recognition module and I am using the C# API to getVariables such as OBJ...
13 year 8 3281
GPS_Reader module needs more variables
Trip routing is an important robotic and simulation task.  It goes down a list of places to go and what to do at each...
11 year 8 2973
line list
Hi, Steven What is MEP Coordinate Array? Is this one come with Blobs filter?...
17 year 8 2952
Was wonder if there is a bug in the newer versions of RoboRealm or is it something else on my end.  Before (on an olde...
16 year 8 2203
I have been testing the spykee module and I thought I would just add a few points that might make it easier for folks.
14 year 8 12121

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