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I have been testing the spykee module and I thought I would just add a few points that might make it easier for folks.

I have been running the robot in AD HOC mode.  This means that I can't use the laptop for anything other then talking to the robot.  But it also means I don't have to have a wireless access point that has an open port.

Here is the process I used to make it work.
1.  Turn on your Spykee robot.  Wait for it to make 2 beeps.  This means that it has connected in Ad Hoc mode.  If it makes three beeps then it has connected to your router. If that happens do the following:

    1.  Download the erector software:
     2. Follow the instructions in the manual on pages  14 and 15 to set your robot to boot in Ad Hoc mode.
     3. Reboot the robot and wait for the two beeps.

2. Click on your wireless settings and select the Spykee robot.  It should show as an Adhoc device.  Connect to this device.  It will take about 20-30 seconds.
3. Open up roborealm.
4.  Under controls select Robots -> Spykee.
5.  The default address for the Spykee in roborealm is  If you haven't changed your administrative password, you can just log right in.
6. If this fails, your robot may have used a different port.  Try the following, close roborealm, open the Erector software, log in to the robot, and click on the settings button (looks like a gear).  Click on the picture of a robot and note the IP address that the robot is using.
7.  Close the Erector software and reopen roborealm.  Use the new address.

have fun!

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Thanks profmason! Networking of robots can be tricky. The spykee is nice since the double beep lets you know that you've logged in.

A quick note for those using DHCP. We always log into our router to see the IP address assigned to the Spykee ... naturally if you assign it a static IP you will not have this issue.

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I rewrote the color tracking demo so that it works for me.  The main trick was to SLOW THE ROBOT Down.  I am doing this by stopping it every other frame.  It works, but it means that the tracking is slow as a result.  I am sure there is a better way to do this.... Maybe something we could pass to the spykee interface that just makes it move 1 tick like when we click on one of the buttons on the roborealm interactive interface.

Here is the brief writeup with video and frame by frame analysis:
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The spykee implementation is WONDERFUL!

It appears that the spykee camera implementation is not playing nicely with other cameras on the system.  I can shut off my integrated webcam on the eee PC I am using by clicking on the camera button and things work fine.  However whenever I try to do any image math I get garbage.  The following three images show original, processed and then the results of image math (any image math seems to do this)

It looks to me like the image is a composite of the integrated webcam and the spykee output with some sync problem.

I am using the obstace avoidance tutorial edges.robo file.

The easy work around is just not to do any image math.  I think I will have to order another spykee to tear apart and remount the camera in the base.  This is a great piece of hardware!

Thanks for the great module.

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After more work, i think the problem is a resizing issue.  Since the dimension of the images from the webcam and the spykee camera are different, we get the zig zag image?  It still shouldn't be using the webcam since it is turned when I am doing the image math but at least I think I have some idea what is going on?
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Ok, the solution to the problem is to force the format of the spykees camera to the same resolution as the webcam.  This done with the SCALE function.  The Spykee's camera default resolution is 320x200.  You need to scale this up to 320x240 and then set your built in camera to this resolution.

Also, the Spykee module has been upgraded to include a pulse time control.  This lets you SLOW the robot down so that you can do reasonable navigation with it.  

Thanks for this GREAT modification.
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nice post lots of info i just got a spykee and downloaded robo realm and when i run the interface i get the two beebs from spykee letting me know im linked but i cant get to do anything from the interface and just a black screen from his cam the interface he cam with works but not the roborealm any help would be great thanks
Anonymous 14 year

Try downloading the latest version as we made several changes/fixes to this module and have just updated the application on the website. You can use the same link you first downloaded RoboRealm from and just install over your current installation. That should work a lot better than the version you have.


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