Shape Matching Problem?!
Guilherme Pereira from Portugal  [5 posts]
13 year
I am new in robo realm, but i think there is a problem with shape matching, i have 5 forms.

3 arrows(s1,s2,s3), 1 cross(s4), and another one(s5), they go attached. the last one(s5) i get with size 9%, the others with 26% (s1,s2,s3,s4), when i put in Filter Size min:
26 the first 4 images are detected fine, the other one doesn't appear, but when i put Filter Size min: 9 i detect the last one (s5)!!!

when i fill filter size min: 9 and max with 26. none appears?!

what am i doing wrong?! or its bug?!



Anonymous 13 year

Can you attach your robofile that you are using to test this?

Note that the shape matching expects a black and white image so the color may be somewhat to blame. Having the robofile will help us understand how you have this configured and better steer you in the right direction.

Guilherme Pereira from Portugal  [5 posts] 13 year
sorry here it is
Anonymous 13 year
Oh, and could you also zip up the files that you are training against? Or if that is what is posted above can you include the files that you are matching against? I.e. we are either missing the database of template files or samples that you are attempting to match.

Guilherme Pereira from Portugal  [5 posts] 13 year
ok. there they are. i can validate them as i said before if i put the correct size in Filter size min. but the last image (s5) is size 8% and the others 26%, and i need to validate all of them.

thanks in advance steven
Guilherme Pereira from Portugal  [5 posts] 13 year
Sorry now goes as zip. i put as rar
Guilherme Pereira from Portugal  [5 posts] 13 year
some screen shots too. may help.
Anonymous 13 year

As you probably suspected there was an issue with the sizing which has now been corrected. Can you download 2.30.1 which has the fix and give things a try.

Also, what was the Affine and Flicker use for? It appears that you just used the Affine module to Crop the image ... if that is the case, have a look at the Crop module which is much faster than the Affine for that task. Based on the flicker module it also seems that you are running this live from a webcam? Otherwise, the flicker module is probably not doing much.

Futhermore, most of the templates are ok in color except for the checkerbox one. Ideally you should make all the templates black and white to ensure that only their shape is used as apposed to the color and/or texture which will confuse the shape matching module.

Alternatively, if color is very relevant perhaps the Blob Filter may be a better tool for matching the shapes.

Guilherme Pereira from Portugal  [5 posts] 13 year
Thanks Steven is perfect now ;) size problem hrgghhhh.

Affine module is to crop the image, and the Flicker it was just to refresh the image from the webcam in the tests, he don't make nothing at all in final work.

But i need that images with color :P can't use black and white for match.

Once again, Thank you for your huge help. and congratulations for your nice job with roborealm.
Anonymous 13 year
Why can't you use black and white for shape match? Do you have two shapes with the same shape but different color?

If so you would have to use the Shape match in just Black and White and then perform an additional check after that for color. So once the shape match is complete use the Marker module to restore the image to original color and then use the Color_Filter module to determine the color and final match.


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