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EB500 Keeps blinking
15 year 7 1530
Find Circles
Trying to ascertain if there is a way of manipulating this image to complete the circles and clean the image of anything...
16 year 7 2989
Stepper Motor Parallel Port Control
dear steven, i'm a student...and doin a final year project.. can u tell teac...
17 year 7 11256
Reading Variables in C#
May I ask how to read the variable via socke with C#? I tried exploring the extension package but failed to find the way...
17 year 7 6751
MP4 media support
STeven, Do you have plans to include mp4 or 3gp video support with the read media module? I would l...
13 year 7 3844
Unstable variable assignments
I have been using Robo Realm to control My 300 lb robot Ethel. I keep having problems with the variable names changing in the mo...
14 year 7 3870
Separating touching blobs
Hi, I am analysing individual blobs using geometry_statistics and Sample_line modules. I have a ca...
14 year 7 3847
Hi Everyone, I've just started with RoboRealm (great product by the way, super work) and have run into a problem....
15 year 7 2058
AVM navigator:navigation by map obstacle
Hello, how does it works the plugin dectection of obstacle in the avm navigator  used within the navigation by map, i...
13 year 7 3582
Image Comparison
hi .. as such i am newbie to Roborealm which is just awesome ... i ve just attached two pics below...
15 year 7 2537
Visual basic interface
Is there a complete description somewhere of how to use Roborealm variables and functions for VB? F...
11 year 7 3282
No Title
this is a vi that can be used to get variables from rr. attention:first run rr api server!...
15 year 7 4259
Question for EDTV
Ok, once I run the Navigate by map program within RoboRealm and I have the API installed for Lisp, I understand I need to do som...
13 year 7 1806
Stereo (stereoscopic) Vision object detection
I am fairly new to Roborealm so excuse me if I sound stupid. I have two webcams 2.5" (roughly the distance between my eyes) apa...
11 year 7 5014
ActiveX interface to RR
Hi, Is there a way of using ActiveX control for RR? I've done it for a number of applicati...
15 year 7 2965
SRV-1 Motor Control
I'm trying to control the SRV-1 motors using VB Script and some blob tracking.  I was getting very unpredictable beha...
15 year 7 2479
Logitech Orbit/Sphere AF Properties not change by API
I'm working with the Logitech Orbit/Sphere AF camera and the controls work fine for the pan/tilt/zoom in RoboRealm, but when I...
15 year 7 3116
Axis m1013 Compadibility
Our axis m206 camera recently broke and we are looking for a new camera replacement.  Unfortunately, the axis 206 and...
11 year 7 2732
How to detect distance to say a blob or to an edge
How do i detect distance from the camera to say the line(edge detection) or to a blob if i go that route? Is there...
16 year 7 3713
SRV-1b laser control
Has anyone been using laser control in the SRV-1b module (RR version 2.2.12)?  I created a laser variable and can togg...
15 year 7 4274

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