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Hi Everyone,
I've just started with RoboRealm (great product by the way, super work) and have run into a problem. The GetVariableExample works fine except that it returns COG_Y twice rather than COG_X & COG_Y. Has anyone seen this before? Any help would be much appreciated.
BTY: I'm running very 1.5 of MSRS and have rebuilt GetVariableExample and Interface with Visual Studio 2008 Express.
Anonymous 15 year
I'd first double check that the COG_X and COG_Y are in fact different in RoboRealm. It is possible that the variable values are in fact the same.

Then I'd check that COG_X and COG_Y are specified correctly in your getVariable function as with only one letter difference they can easily be confused.

Then I'd check that COG_X and COG_Y are correctly returned by using a direct telnet session to the API. For example if you

telnet localhost 6060

and send the following

<request><get_variables>COG_X, COG_Y</get_variables></request>

which should get your the two variables.

If all this pans out then there might be an issue with the parser in the MSRS plugin interface between MSRS and RR. If you reach this far then let us know and we can check futher into the guts of the MSRS communication.

Also be sure that the API server is on in RoboRealm otherwise you shouldn't get any values whatsoever ...

David from Switzerland  [2 posts] 15 year
Hi Steven,
Thanks for the very fast response. I’ve gone through the steps that you suggest and still have the same issue. Specifically;
1) I have set the ‘Centre of gravity’ function to show the COG coordinates to confirm that they are not identical.
2) I’ve checked that COG_X and COG_Y are correctly specified (heck I’ve made that mistake enough times!)
3) I did the telnet and got separate values
4) I installed MSRS 2008 (CTP July) and the 2008 interface code, ran the GetVariableExample from the samples and am still getting the same variable returned twice
Before going any further can you please confirm that I’m running the example correctly, i.e. DSS Command prompt then ‘dsshost /p:50000 /t:50001 /m:”samples\config\GetVariableExample.manifest.xml”’

Thanks, David
Sam from Australia  [3 posts] 15 year
I am having exactly the same problem!  Like David, I have run through all the steps suggested (including Telnet) and am still having the same issue.

I am running Windows XP with Robotics Studio 1.5 and Visual Studio 2008 Team Suite.
David from Switzerland  [2 posts] 15 year
Hi Sam,

I just saw your posting. I'm glad that someone else has had this problem, I was beginning to wonder if it was me. Anyway I think that I have a way around the problem. Basically I took the code from the CSharp RoboRealm API and incorporated it into a new DSS service which I based on ServiceB as described in Johns and Taylor's 'Professional Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio'. I think that you can download the code from the book's website. I would in any case highly recommend the book if you do not already have it. This solution is rather messy, so I would be interested if there is a better solution.
If you want more details please let me know.
Hope this helps,

Anonymous 15 year
Seems that our example code needed some tweaking for 2008 Express. This has been done and a new example download for 2008 is available on the MSRDS instruction page.


We double checked all the examples and there was a variable passing issue that has also been fixed. If needed please download the latest version of RR and the 2008 Express examples should get you up and running.

Thanks for the bug reports!
Sam from Australia  [3 posts] 15 year
This now seems to be fixed :). I successfully got the correct COG values on Vista using MSRDS 2008 Express and Visual Studio 2008 Team Edition.

Thanks a lot for looking at this! You guys rock!

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