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13 year
Ok, once I run the Navigate by map program within RoboRealm and I have the API installed for Lisp, I understand I need to do something with the variables. Could you list the steps I take to make the robot navigate by map. Possibly leave me an example of one you have already done with another platform. Maybe I can adapt those to Lisp.


James Dickinson from Australia  [49 posts] 13 year
Hi Mel,

here is my script to get the AVM module working with the MSR-H01 hexapod. the VBS script section is :

' AVM Variables
aForward = GetVariable("NV_FORWARD")
aBackward = GetVariable("NV_BACKWARDS")
aLeft = GetVariable("NV_LEFT")
aRight = GetVariable("NV_RIGHT")

this grabs the information from the AVM module on what my robot should do. I then use these variable to tell the robot to move left/right/forward/backward.
Anonymous 13 year
Thank You, James.
Anonymous 13 year
and EDTV , if you could give us another example. My robot will not be walking. It will be rolling. Leaf is the type of robot.  I am studying Jame's example now.

But, if you could give us another example, I would appreciate it.


EDV  [328 posts] 13 year
You should use the variables that described below for connection of your robot to AVM Navigator:

Use variable NV_TURRET_BALANCE for camera turning: NV_TURRET_BALANCE - indicates the turn degree amount. This value range from -100 to 100 with forward being zero.

Use for motor control NV_L_MOTOR and NV_R_MOTOR variables that have range from -100 to 100 for motion control ("-100 " - full power backwards, "100" - full power forwards, "0" - motor off).

You also can used alternative control variables (motors range from 0 to 255 with 128 being neutral):

NV_L_MOTOR_128, NV_R_MOTOR_128 - motors control
NV_TURRET_128 - control of camera turning
NV_TURRET_INV_128 - inversed control of camera turning

See "Using of AVM plugin in RoboRealm" thread for more details:

Let me know if you have any additional questions.

Also I prepared emulator program (based on Quake 3 mod) for acquaintance with "Marker mode" and "Navigation by map" modes.

See "AVM Quake 3 mod" manual for more details:

You can download it from:

But keep in mind that "Navigation by map" is still very experimental mode and your feedback (comments or video from your robot) could help me in improving of this technology.
Anonymous 13 year
Thank you so much, I am sure this will help.


EDV  [328 posts] 13 year
Next modification of AVM Navigator v0.7.2.1 is released.

Visual odometry algorithm was updated:

And now you can download next modification of AVM Navigator v0.7.2.1 from your account link.

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