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Alerting when locked on - FRC image tracking
Is there a way to get a message back to the smart dashboard saying that we are currently tracking distance to the goal. For exam...
11 year 7 2052
Outdoor navigation
Hello everyone I'am Bob. I'am part of a project group at my school and we are building a robot which should be a...
15 year 7 3887
Tracking 3 colors
I want to track a shirt that I made with 3 distinct colors on it. Red, Blue, and green. You helped me with this about a year ago...
13 year 7 3663
Image Analysis Help/Limitations?
Hello, I have an image composed of rectangles (black and red), logos and some text. &n...
16 year 7 2141
what will EZ-ROBOT module come out
Steven when will the EZ-ROBOT board interface come out its a great board for robotics ,uses bluetooth or usb-ttl i...
12 year 7 2274
Bug in Path Planning
Hi Steven, There seems to be a bug in the path planning module. If I use the path planning tutorial...
15 year 7 3659
Unstable variable assignments
I have been using Robo Realm to control My 300 lb robot Ethel. I keep having problems with the variable names changing in the mo...
14 year 7 3894
hi you roboguys, i've tried out the new keyboard module today and found a strange behaviou...
17 year 6 3579
Help using Wireless camera
Hello, I would like to know how can i view my D-Link DCS 2120 through roborealm. I can view at web...
15 year 6 3836
How does RoboRealm computes Perspective Transformation
Hi, RoboRealm has a module for perspective correction (http://www.roborealm.com/help/Perspective.ph...
13 year 6 5752
Set mouse position + simulate clicks
My boss had asked me to create a system in which the webcam could process the video stream and move the mouse and even s...
17 year 6 5426
Defect detecting in weldings
Steven, I have been testing the software, and it looks that covers my needs.
13 year 6 3865
Color threshold
Hi! I noticed that when I am using Color_threshold modul the results are allways "Fore Masked" wh...
13 year 6 4366
Roborealm and Delphi
Does anyone know how to link the roborealm with Delphi??? Thx...
13 year 6 3052
Kinect IR 320x240
I've been using Roborealm with the Kinect for object recognition. I've been using the IR function fine, but I have it hooked u...
11 year 6 3794
Path_Orientation issue
Hello, One simple question. In the Path Planing tutorial I am bit confused with the Plan_Orientatio...
15 year 6 3687
Web Server and IE 7
I'm having a blast with a new Heathkit robot, but some minor trouble with the RoboRealm web server. When the server is...
16 year 6 2574
Error? How to fix?
I'm running RoboRealm to control a Logitech Orbit MP webcam and on the website page as well as when editing the webpage...
16 year 6 2828
Webcam Control Tutorial files don't work for Presets or Auto Pan
I have downloaded the move_orbit.robo file, have it running, and I'm using the default web server and the Logitech Orbit camera...
13 year 6 3586
Getting Pixel Values from RR using Java
We are using RoboRealm (and its API) to write a program in Java that controls a Powerwheels vehicle using a webcam mount...
16 year 6 3259

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