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Webcam Control Tutorial files don't work for Presets or Auto Pan
I have downloaded the move_orbit.robo file, have it running, and I'm using the default web server and the Logitech Orbit camera...
13 year 6 3584
Purchasing 10 Licences (academic) for a French School
Hi Steven, I have filled a form on your web site but Have not received an answer. Could you please...
11 year 6 1615
Howdy, I would like to toggle the preview option with a button on the Button Control Interface. I a...
13 year 6 3173
VBScript to Keyboard Send
I am trying to make a usb missile launcher follow a red blob and then shoot it when it centers on it. (see attached) I am using...
12 year 6 5536
Display Line
Hello! Which are the coordinates that I set to draw the two lines (green and purple) I've drawn in...
11 year 6 3327
parallel port
I want to "read" the status of the parallel port pin #13 and based on it's status initiate an action. Can someo...
11 year 6 3051
Hello there, I have just upgraded to the latest Robo Realm  2.5.42
11 year 6 1770
Lines detect
Hello. I am new to the forum and I would like to know how I can identify three centers of gravity. ...
11 year 6 3314
about using the mcu communicator
looking to use the communicator for a atmel AT91SAM9XE128-QU its the one on NEATO XV -11 robot to control on-board...
13 year 6 5601
Where is the hot pixel filter (salt&pepper) ?
CCD's show "dark current" noise with longer exposures when warm, which shows up as isolated bright "hot pixels". In...
16 year 6 3642
saving image
How do i setup saving an image that has the center of gravity displayed on it? I am scanning images...
10 year 6 2550
Nxt brain dead
Hi I have 6 nxt robotic kits that I bought 2 years ago and now they do not work. The battery says t...
13 year 6 4124
Human Movement Detection
Hello I am working on a project that requires me to model the background of a WebCam stream which...
14 year 6 4498
Blob split feature expansion
Hi Steven, Often times I face the problem where after applying the edge detection filter, the stron...
11 year 6 2712
Crashing Parallax USB servo controller
Hi, I'm using RoboRealm with the Parallax USB servo controller. The sliders do work, the se...
16 year 6 2055
Joystick is set at a constant value! I need different values!!
Hello STeven, and all at Roborealm; We have been in the process of building a bot and run into a slight sn...
16 year 6 2118
Web Server and IE 7
I'm having a blast with a new Heathkit robot, but some minor trouble with the RoboRealm web server. When the server is...
16 year 6 2566
Error? How to fix?
I'm running RoboRealm to control a Logitech Orbit MP webcam and on the website page as well as when editing the webpage...
16 year 6 2827
Getting Pixel Values from RR using Java
We are using RoboRealm (and its API) to write a program in Java that controls a Powerwheels vehicle using a webcam mount...
16 year 6 3258
Point Grey cameras
Hi Is anyone using Point Grey cameras? If so, which model?
10 year 6 2278

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