SRV-1b motors time
fouad_jh  [4 posts]
15 year
By default, to control the motors we just send the value of the speed, and that value will be running the motors for 500 ms, is there anyway of changing the time? by VBScript or any other way?
Anonymous 15 year
Absolutely take a look at the tutorial pages on obstacle avoidance for an eample see (http://www.roborealm.com/tutorial/Obstacle_Avoidance/slide050.php)
fouad_jh  [4 posts] 15 year
Hi and thanks, but those values are the value of the speed, not the time! I want to change the value of the time
Anonymous 15 year
turn_status is most likely a variable you have seen somewhere as it is not a standard feature on the SRV1 GUI. Perhaps you could provide some more context as to where you saw that variable ... note that variables can be called and used for whatever purpose they need to and thus do not have a standard meaning until attached to a module or used in some specific way.

Have you tried checking the "pause for video" checkbox? We had to  use that feature once in order to track objects correctly. This feature will cause the motors to pulsate in between image captures to ensure that the robot does not move much without first processing an image which results in a very controlled movement.

See if that helps any and if not let us know.


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