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Embedded PC [3]
Dawson, Coping the exe over to the embedded PC and trying to run it is worth a try. If that does no...
6 years 10 1053
How to Unwarp Image [4]
JHao, Its possible that the slightly older version you are using doesn't have the new updates to th...
1 year 10 671
moving dancer [7]
Martin, If you look on the home page there is a radio button next to the AVM module that you can se...
5 years 10 819
How to Unwarp Image [10]
JHao, There was an issue in the display logic of those points that wasn't taking into account missi...
1 year 10 671
Sparki sketch [5]
David, Yea, we used the more typical 0 to 255 with 128 being neutral for the servo sweep.
4 years 10 1489
Background always black with green screen [2]
Christophe, Can you post the image P1030086.jpg here? Most likely the loading of that image isn't ...
4 years 10 1577
Wireless Camera Recommendation [2]
Steve, Since you seem to have a handle on embedded devices, I'd go with a regular webcam of my cho...
4 years 10 3965
moving dancer [5]
Do you have a sample of your video that you can post? If the red tracking didn't work, perhaps the...
5 years 10 819
Network Tables [11]
Paul, Typically if RoboRealm sees a variable at zero it essentially removes it since the absence of...
5 years 10 1432
How to Unwarp Image [8]
JHao, Try upgrading to the latest version ... there were additional updates to that module since th...
1 year 10 671
Wireless Camera Recommendation [5]
Steve, Good job so far!! You're almost there indeed. Try
4 years 10 3965
gps devices [2]
Hemant, Typically any GPS device that supports NMEA format should work ... but that's a *should* wo...
3 years 10 1079
winte into the roborealm virtual device [8]
Martin, Yes, this is possible. You can start RR using roborealm.exe -...
2 years 10 497
GigE [2]
Yes, we just uploaded a beta version of the GenICam module. We are looking for folks to help test this module with their machine...
4 years 10 1127
How to Unwarp Image [2]
JHao, Can you post the image that you are working with? STeven....
1 year 10 671
How to Unwarp Image [6]
U0 and V0 will be the offset to center of the image relative to its lens. If the CCD sensor and the lens are perfectly aligned t...
1 year 10 671
Network Tables [9]
You'll need to update the Network Tables module's IP address (last RR module) too for this to work.
5 years 10 1432
moving dancer [9]
Martin, The IR camera is worth a shot. What you probably want to do is tape over the little light s...
5 years 10 819
gps devices [4]
Hemant, Click on the Console button next to the buad rate settings, wait for the text to appear for...
3 years 10 1079
winte into the roborealm virtual device [2]
Martin, Once you have the IP camera viewable within RoboRealm, all you need to do is to enable the ...
2 years 10 497

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