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Pinch? [9]
Annika, Just a small update to let you know that we are still working on this ... our initial trial...
4 years 11 1155
Pothole detect [8]
Yes, a lidar would be the best tool for this. The precision offered by a lidar will detect the pothole depressions. In fact, you...
1 year 11 1304
pololu servo control via xbee [4]
Seems to work for us if you set it in Mini SSC mode (there is a checkbox for that in the interface). If it doesn't move, exit R...
4 years 11 2045
Nearest blob [8]
Can you post the I.gif image too so that we can actually test what you are trying to do? I'm not s...
4 years 11 1171
pololu servo control via xbee [10]
Sparky-marc, I did try the pololu mode and it didn't seem to work. Most likely the baud rate wasn\...
4 years 11 2045
Bug in OSC module makes it unusable [6]
Could you attach your robofile just for the OSC module? We'd like to see how that is configured as we don't seen anything obviou...
2 years 11 1198
RoboRealm Network Tables [2]
Donnie, If TableViewer is not compatible with RoboRio then the NetworkTables module will not be eit...
2 years 11 1170
Target Localization Module? [5]
Can you post a couple (at least 3) images of where the top filter fails along with your current robofile (saved RR config)? We w...
4 years 11 1264
Roborealm and Sabertooth 2x25 [4]
Andy, You are changing the dip switches to the correct configuration right? The RC mode will not wo...
2 years 11 1626
Nearest blob [3]
Dawson, Can you provide some context? For example, you have obviously tried something that was usin...
4 years 11 1171
Nearest blob [6]
Ok, give the latest version a try. It has that checkbox to switch from COG to a perimeter distance from an X,Y point. Hope this ...
4 years 11 1171
Pinch? [6]
Posted are two images. Your's above and what I was able to get. There are a couple of manual edits shown to test the correctnes...
4 years 11 1155
Bug in OSC module makes it unusable [4]
Thanks for checking the new version. Glad its now working. If you look under the Variables section ...
2 years 11 1198
Bug in OSC module makes it unusable [9]
Patrick, Thanks, having the test case is what we needed. Turns out that there was a padding issue w...
2 years 11 1198
Target Localization Module? [3]
Its not actually in RR just yet. We have the module ready but have delayed its release for a couple reasons.
4 years 11 1264
Fiducials - 32/64 bit windows [10]
Kresimir, The latest improves and up and available for download. From what we can tell this should ...
9 months 11 409
Target Localization Module? [12]
David, Agreed, in theory the NT module should not reduce the fps at all. We did notice a couple pla...
4 years 11 1264
pololu servo control via xbee [2]
Sparky, Have you tried using the Pololu_SSC module for this? The maestro module specifically uses U...
4 years 11 2045
Pinch? [4]
Annika, Ok, I'm getting quite good results too with just the Unwrap module ... can you post the be...
4 years 11 1155
AUV [8]
Yes, the motors will most likely react to the PWM signal ... thus the 500 to 2500 range. Note, 1000...
2 years 11 1188

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