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AUV [8]
Yes, the motors will most likely react to the PWM signal ... thus the 500 to 2500 range. Note, 1000...
3 years 11 1394
Bug in OSC module makes it unusable [2]
Yes, there was an issue with an empty array (such as that created by the OR module) would stop other variables from being sent c...
3 years 11 1368
How to Unwarp Image [4]
JHao, Its possible that the slightly older version you are using doesn't have the new updates to th...
1 year 10 822
Shape Match Confidence [2]
Jeff, The confidence is not necessarily tied to the size but its possible that a less confident mat...
4 years 10 1876
How to Unwarp Image [10]
JHao, There was an issue in the display logic of those points that wasn't taking into account missi...
1 year 10 822
Shape Match Confidence [7]
Jeff, Thanks, that explains the problem. The issue is that the 6 template actually matches better t...
4 years 10 1876
winte into the roborealm virtual device [4]
Martin, That's good. Now all you need to do is to enable the VCam using the Options button->Vcam...
2 years 10 567
Sparki sketch [9]
Chuck. How about now? Attached is the reformulated .ino and support files. In this case things are ...
4 years 10 1589
Network Tables [11]
Paul, Typically if RoboRealm sees a variable at zero it essentially removes it since the absence of...
5 years 10 1476
How to Unwarp Image [8]
JHao, Try upgrading to the latest version ... there were additional updates to that module since th...
1 year 10 822
Sparki sketch [7]
Chuck, Unfortunately, the two libraries (the one that work with RR) and what Arcbotics is using is ...
4 years 10 1589
winte into the roborealm virtual device [10]
Martin, No, it would not work over telnet but instead you could specify a shared folder or somethin...
2 years 10 567
Network Tables [9]
You'll need to update the Network Tables module's IP address (last RR module) too for this to work.
5 years 10 1476
Send weight value to my PLC [9]
Marcius, I'd recommend getting someone more hardware oriented to help you out. If you are not awar...
5 years 10 1514
How to Unwarp Image [2]
JHao, Can you post the image that you are working with? STeven....
1 year 10 822
How to Unwarp Image [6]
U0 and V0 will be the offset to center of the image relative to its lens. If the CCD sensor and the lens are perfectly aligned t...
1 year 10 822
Xbee with Arduino [9]
Techdetect, It seems that you are well on your way to the right solution ... you just need a tidbit...
6 years 10 2283
Shape Match Confidence [4]
Jeff, Thanks for the images. It seems that with just having the 9 as a training image I'm not seei...
4 years 10 1876
Faceless Startup Not Working [3]
John, Thanks for the tip. We were able to replicate and resolve the issue. Please see 2.50.10 for t...
5 years 10 955
Network Tables [8]
Paul, The way the NT module within RR works is that it will NOT send out duplicate values. So, if t...
5 years 10 1476

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