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Nearest blob [8]
Can you post the I.gif image too so that we can actually test what you are trying to do? I'm not s...
4 years 11 1172
pololu servo control via xbee [10]
Sparky-marc, I did try the pololu mode and it didn't seem to work. Most likely the baud rate wasn\...
4 years 11 2046
Xbee with Arduino [9]
Techdetect, It seems that you are well on your way to the right solution ... you just need a tidbit...
5 years 10 2094
moving dancer [5]
Do you have a sample of your video that you can post? If the red tracking didn't work, perhaps the...
4 years 10 765
gps devices [8]
Is the baud rate set correctly? 115K seems fast, they are normally around 9600 ... but check your device specs. <...
2 years 10 961
Faceless Startup Not Working [3]
John, Thanks for the tip. We were able to replicate and resolve the issue. Please see 2.50.10 for t...
4 years 10 885
Network Tables [8]
Paul, The way the NT module within RR works is that it will NOT send out duplicate values. So, if t...
4 years 10 1383
Sparki sketch [7]
Chuck, Unfortunately, the two libraries (the one that work with RR) and what Arcbotics is using is ...
3 years 10 1371
Faceless Startup Not Working [11]
Cool, thanks for the final report. STeven....
4 years 10 885
Phidgets Motor Encoder Access? [10]
Brayton, Good news and bad news. Good news is that we just updated that module to include the encod...
4 years 10 1438
gps devices [6]
Are you sure the device is connect to COM3? Standard Modem over Bluetooth doesn't seem like the right connection since you have ...
2 years 10 961
winte into the roborealm virtual device [6]
Martin, Yes, that configuration looks fine. Are you seeing the image now using WebRTC?
1 year 10 386
moving dancer [9]
Martin, The IR camera is worth a shot. What you probably want to do is tape over the little light s...
4 years 10 765
Network Tables [5]
Just to be sure ... have a '/' at the start of the variable name....
4 years 10 1383
GigE [8]
John, We saw the format email. It appears that the first image returned is just a bad one. We've u...
3 years 10 1083
Shape Match Confidence [4]
Jeff, Thanks for the images. It seems that with just having the 9 as a training image I'm not seei...
3 years 10 1690
Phidgets Motor Encoder Access? [7]
Can you confirm that you are using ...
4 years 10 1438
Send weight value to my PLC [2]
Marcuis, That will depend on your PLC and how you can communicate to it. There are many ways:
4 years 10 1348
Send weight value to my PLC [6]
MX, If you click the save button and type in a name like my_file.robo it will save the pipeline con...
4 years 10 1348
Network Tables [4]
Paul, If you are not running the latest version I'd do a quick download and get those updates. The...
4 years 10 1383

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