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gps devices [6]
Are you sure the device is connect to COM3? Standard Modem over Bluetooth doesn't seem like the right connection since you have ...
3 years 10 1016
winte into the roborealm virtual device [6]
Martin, Yes, that configuration looks fine. Are you seeing the image now using WebRTC?
2 years 10 441
moving dancer [7]
Martin, If you look on the home page there is a radio button next to the AVM module that you can se...
5 years 10 788
GigE [2]
Yes, we just uploaded a beta version of the GenICam module. We are looking for folks to help test this module with their machine...
4 years 10 1101
Faceless Startup Not Working [7]
John, Ok, seems that there is still some overlap between 3 and 2. We don't see this issue so most ...
5 years 10 898
Phidgets Motor Encoder Access? [4]
Brayton, Are you trying to work the system and also post as a second identity?
5 years 10 1476
moving dancer [5]
Do you have a sample of your video that you can post? If the red tracking didn't work, perhaps the...
5 years 10 788
Embedded PC [8]
Dawson, It will really depend on the image size that you are processing. RR should operate at a ste...
6 years 10 995
Faceless Startup Not Working [5]
John, That was due to the Python module splitting into v2x and v3x. The existing one was not switch...
5 years 10 898
Shape Match Confidence [2]
Jeff, The confidence is not necessarily tied to the size but its possible that a less confident mat...
4 years 10 1732
Shape Match Confidence [7]
Jeff, Thanks, that explains the problem. The issue is that the 6 template actually matches better t...
4 years 10 1732
winte into the roborealm virtual device [4]
Martin, That's good. Now all you need to do is to enable the VCam using the Options button->Vcam...
2 years 10 441
Sparki sketch [9]
Chuck. How about now? Attached is the reformulated .ino and support files. In this case things are ...
4 years 10 1422
moving dancer [9]
Martin, The IR camera is worth a shot. What you probably want to do is tape over the little light s...
5 years 10 788
Embedded PC [3]
Dawson, Coping the exe over to the embedded PC and trying to run it is worth a try. If that does no...
6 years 10 995
Red background white circle tracking [8]
Can you untoggle the Run button, click Save and type something.jpg and then upload that image? Its ...
5 years 9 2907
traffic light detection [3]
David, Attached is the updated robofile. The RGB filter module also needed an update.
3 years 9 1371
Speed Trap Application [4]
Steve, There are a couple ways to do this. The easiest is just to crop the image into that area you...
4 years 9 1153
traffic light detection [5]
David, If you review the blob filter documentation at ...
3 years 9 1371
watch variables [8]
Max, I'm going to guess here but you probably don't realize that white is being tracked versus blac...
4 years 9 1142

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