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EZ-Robot V4 EZ-Builder additional features [2]
David (and Darathian), I see all the new functions (just download the latest EZ release) but don't ...
3 years 9 1119
Delete arrghh [8]
Its possible that the page differs depending on the country. We see ...
4 years 9 686
2D barcode [10]
Pete, Yes this is possible but it depends on how you are running RoboRealm. If you are doing this v...
4 years 9 1682
OCR database creation [2]
Thomas, You have it correct ... as we didn't really expect anyone to want to do this a couple point...
3 years 9 1440
OCR database creation [8]
Thomas, The image posted seems to work "out of the box" so to speak. Perhaps something got a little...
3 years 9 1440
GPS_Reader waypoint problems [8]
John, Sorry about that, I got ahead of myself a little. I posted before the update had made it up t...
4 years 9 1331
Media_Reader missing functionality [7]
I see the flash video but no option to download an avi ... STeven.
3 years 9 1253
2D barcode [5]
Pete, Yes! That would work much better. The image posted above is 640x480 which I'm not sure if th...
4 years 9 1682
Delete arrghh [3]
Fair enough! We've had the same thoughts too. We'll add undo/redo buttons for the pipeline. Would...
4 years 9 686
OCR database creation [4]
Thomas, Most likely what is happening is the ocr_database file is getting created in Win7's Virtual...
3 years 9 1440
Media_Reader missing functionality [2]
John, Unfortunately, most of the video codec stuff is in Windows. We've found that if the windows M...
3 years 9 1253
Custom Algorithm [6]
Pavan, If you are interested in exploring Deep Learning RoboRealm isn't the tool for that. We focus...
2 years 9 816
API Execute Problem [3]
Rud, Its possible that something gets lost in the translation of loading he file in C++ and sending...
4 years 9 1275
watch variables [6]
Max, Thanks for the image. That explains the issue. The blob tracking ...
3 years 9 1113
2D barcode [7]
Pete, Sorry for the delay on this. We wanted to test additional samples and improve on the detectio...
4 years 9 1682
watch variables [2]
CTRL-W added that will bring up the Watch_Variables module. This will use the first occurance of the module in the pipeline or a...
3 years 9 1113
Speed Trap Application [6]
Steve, That's good! To get another area, use the Maker module (use som...
3 years 9 1126
GPS_Reader waypoint problems [5]
John, Thanks, there were some issues with the coordinate conversions no working correctly for the w...
4 years 9 1331
2D barcode [3]
Pete, Is that the resolution that you hope to use? Any chance you can use a higher resolution camer...
4 years 9 1682
Media_Reader missing functionality [4]
John, Can you confirm that link? I don't see Dashboard Camera referenced or see anywhere to downloa...
3 years 9 1253

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