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Roborealm loses the camera [6]
Stephen, I have exactly that camera with the driver version that should NOT work ... but  ...
3 years 8 907
Socket Client data to Variable [2]
Steve, Its a bit tricky since you want to extract out the middle field. There was a way to do this ...
3 years 8 1080
Time with no camera [4]
CLOCK_TIME now available in the latest version. STeven....
4 years 8 931
Bug? [5]
Steve, The reason for the slowdown is that the module is attempting to connect with the COM port bu...
4 years 8 1367
Socket Client data to Variable [8]
Normally that's a good thing! The reason the "set once" checkbox is there is for initialization. Otherwise, RR is a 'declared wh...
3 years 8 1080
Time with no camera [2]
Do you need more resolution than seconds? We can add a CLOCK_TIME variable if that's the case. STev...
4 years 8 931
Feed RoboRealm webserver video to FRC SmartDashboard [3]
Hi, Just to be sure, the SDB does have the ability to add a 'Camera' and set that url directly to...
5 years 8 3470
Bug? [2]
Stev, Can you try this on the latest version? What MCU were you trying...
4 years 8 1367
RoboRealm Crash [4]
Azim, Can you try sending them again? It appears they did not make it through. You may want to chec...
1 year 7 487
Cannot start Roborealm [5]
Roland, Thanks! That makes sense. It seems that those files are needed specifically in a vanilla XP...
5 years 7 822
Failing to pause pipeline after waiting 10 seconds... [4]
It should only popup when there is an issue. If you now use the Options Button->Other tab and set the timeout to zero it will...
3 years 7 1660
USB Port / RoboRealm Module [7]
Joe, Thanks for the update! Yes, it is all about the details. One wrong thing and suddenly everythi...
3 years 7 992
EZB_Variables broken [2]
Just confirmed with 2.67.7 that it seems ok. Variables are moving back and forth as expected. What ...
4 years 7 748
DLL Plugin. Static image refresh. [2]
Dmitry, Thanks for pointing this out. The message was not making its way to the correct function. T...
3 years 7 708
Read_HTTP does not read static jpg [7]
Sascha, There were no changes to that module between those versions. You can check the version log:...
3 years 7 643
RoboRealm on Raspberry Pi! [5]
No argument there! Yea, the PI is probably one of the cheapest ... perhaps the $9 CHIP would be cheaper? Would still need to use...
2 years 7 1074
Alerting when locked on - FRC image tracking [5]
Can you post your VBScript here or include your entire robofile for us to look at? We'd just be guessing otherwise.
5 years 7 929
Defect Detection of No. Plate [5]
If you have a known good sample, you should be able to use the same technique to detect scratches. Using the OR or Shape module ...
5 years 7 2167
RoboRealm Crash [2]
Works fine for us. It might be some particularity with your camera. Did you submit a crash report when restarting RR? We don't s...
1 year 7 487
Media Reader Crashes RR [8]
Rud, We don't seem to be able to replicate the error with .18. Can you try downloading the latest ...
6 years 7 1469

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